A Study in the Topics and the Styles of the Original Poetry of the Arabs Heritage from the Second to the Eighth Hijri Centuries

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Yahya Abdel-Raoof Jaber
Yaser Ibrahim Mahmoud Ali Al-Ahmad
The interest of the current research focused on what was written of poems that set up the rules, judgments and the lexical meanings.This defines the original poetry and poem which appeared in an attracting way by the end of the third Hijri century and was at the top interest of the language sciences. The current study focused on collecting as much as possible of the poem of this period and I followed during this study two styles: a historical through citation of this phenomenon and the central subjects concerning linguistic, grammatical and scientific; and an analytic descriptive method that was used in the analysis of few poems with respect to its styles, roles and judgments.In addition to that, analysis included the lexical meanings especially those contradict the linguistic features.The study was divided into six chapters and ended with a conclusion included the results of the study.The first chapter discussed the phenomenon of the of the poem of "Al-mtoon", its origin, extensions, and the most important figures of that poem.The second chapter discussed meanings and words, common moral and the verbal ones, and those that share the same common verbal sense and differ in meanings including the opposites. The third chapter included the begging's of the riddles and their types including the linguistic and grammatical in addition to those poets who wrote riddles.The forth chapter was allocated to the grammatical systems and analyzed what is contradictory with the language rules. The fifth chapter was dedicated to poems related to the religion sciences, which is usually written by scholars and includes jurisprudence judgments on the basis of one of the doctrines.Chapters six was a collection of various related topics in order complete and tackle the various aspects of the poem of "Al-mtoon" and included poems of eloquence, medicine and history.
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