The Art of Letter Writing by Sahl Bin Haroun and Amr Bin Mas'adah: A Comparative Objective and Artistic Study

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Abedel Khalek Issa
Fa'ed Mahmoud Mohammed Salman
This study aimed to analyze the letters of Sahl Ibn Haroun and Amr Ibn Masada, and identify their literary,technical and objective characteristics. In each chapter, the researcher started with Sahl Ibn Haroun, then he moved to Amr Ibn Masada. In the first chapter, the researcher introduced the two writers briefly, then he dealt with each type of their letters individually, and he analyzed them critically. He also included the complete texts of the letters and studied some important points in them. The researcher classified Amr's and Sahl's texts into sections and studied each section individually. He dealt with their Literary, Brotherhood and Diwaniyah letters successively, and he studied the similarities and differences between them. In the last chapter, the researcher studied the texts technically, then made a comparison between the sections starting with Sahl's literary letters and then with Amr's ones. He also analyzed the rhetorical and technical aspects in the texts. Finally, he came to the conclusions and the references that he used in this study. He concluded that each of Sahl and Amr has his own style of writing. The way of expression, the material and the topics are also differen.
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