Representative Metaphor in the Holy Quran

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Dr. Kalil Oudeh- Supervisor
Dr. Mashhour MAshahra- External Examiner
Prof. Dr. Wael Abu Saleh- Internal Examiner
Prof.Dr. Kalil Oudeh
Safa’ Hosni Abdel Muhsen Al-Turk
The Holy Quran has employed the different rhetoric methods in a way that Arabs have never known before, so much so it was miraculous and unique in its style and rhetoric. This includes the many images that the Holy Quran has employed to explain the meanings and approaches that would help in conveying the idea to the mind of the receiver. This study focused mainly on representative metaphor in the Holy Quran so as to highlight its importance and role in creating the Quranic text. The researcher first explained the meaning of metaphor particularly representative metaphor. Then she discussed this type of metaphor in the old rhetoric heritage through explaining its definition in old rhetoric books such as “Poetry Criticism” by Qudama Bin Ja’far, “Al-Sina’tain” by Abi Hilal Al-Askari and “Al-'Umdah fi mahasin al shi'r wa adabihi wa naqdihi” by Ibn Rashiq Alqairawani. Following that, the researcher addressed the subjects around which representative metaphor in the Holy Quran revolved and provided examples of some statements in the Holy Quran in accordance with these subjects that included the issue of stubbornness and determination to stay in delusion. Then it deals with phenomenon expressions that is listed in the construction of the representative metaphore in the Holy Quran, and the indication of each of them in forming the representative image.
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