The Terms of Weather Condition in the Poetry of Huthayl A Morphological and Semantic Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof.yaha gaber /supervisor
Prof. Mahde Arrar/external examiner
Dr. Sa'ed Shawahneh/internal examiner
Prof.yaha gaber /supervisor
Othman Mohammed Othman Hussen
This thesis is a morphological and semantic study of the weather condition terms which were common in the lands of Huthayl. These terms include, inter alia, heat, winds and moisture and their features. This research also explains the role these terms played in the formation of the meanings of this tribe’s poetry. This poetry is characterized by being prolific and diverse in this field. In this study, the researcher attempts to find out what relationship was there between poetry and natural environment and the failure in tackling this relationship in previous studies which mostly dwelt on historical and social aspects of Huthayl tribe, or on its language and its linguistic features. This research has the following objectives: 1. Enriching the Arabic library with another study about Huthayl poetry 2. Building on previous studies which examined Huthayl’s life and poetry. 3. Making it a cornerstone for those who would deal with the relationship between poetry and the environment. In fact, there are numerous natural phenomena highlighted in Huthayl’s poetry which can be subject for discussion. These phenomena include plant life, animal life and earth surface. This research falls into six chapters. Chapters one to five covered the terms of temperature, winds, clouds, lightning and thunder, rain. Chapter six was devoted to the study of several linguistic phenomena related to weather condition terms such as substitution, homonymy, and common semantics. In his study, the researcher made use of several sources(primary and secondary) and references. These include a volume of poetry by Huthayl poets, interpretation of Huthayl tribe’s poetry by e-Sukari. He also depended on dictionaries such as Lisan el-Arab, Taj el-Aroos and Makayees el-Lugha. After data collection and analysis, the researcher arrived at the following results: 1. Huthayl poetry included numerous weather condition terms such as al-zyeb, al-ear, an-nas’ and an-na’ami. 2. The weather condition terms in Huthayl’s poetry are characterized by their strong presence in it. They were echoed a lot in Huthayl tribe’s poetry on different occasions. Undoubtedly, their vast lands, diverse elevations and climate contributed significantly to this uniqueness. All these natural advantages were a reason for inspiration, talents and wealth of terms. 3. Most of their poetry in this regard stemmed from their personal experiences and from their first hand observations. For instance, the poets accurately described the clouds and classified them according to temperature, color and amount of vapor in them.
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