What Succession in Wow and Omega of A triangular Verb for One Meaning in the Arab Tongue

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Prof. Yahyah Jaber/supervisor
Prf. Mahdee Arrar/external examiner
Prof. Hamdee Jabalee/internal examiner
Prof.Yaha Jaber
Burhan Mostafa yosef Daraghma
Abstract The voice of wow and omega consider from the voices which follow each other in the words building , and :any of these words which contains the meaning of triangular verbs succession , the research came to shed on the triangular verbs that hold the meaning of succession in the Arab tongue. The research holds the title "What succession the wow and the omega of the triangular verbs for one meaning in Arab tongue " . The research contains of introduction, two chapters , and a conclusion ,as the researcher shows in the introduction that wow and omega share in many aspects during their pronunciation both - that wow and omega differ in many other aspects , and share of these two sounds . -I mean wow and omega in these aspects make it easy in the place of succession to take in consider the preservation of the unity of meaning in two formulas the allowaah and alaauah . The researcher shows that wow will change to omega , and the omega bug morphological binding and the report of change for these two voices for morphological motivated bug ,outside of the circle of desired study. However, the exchange of the two mention voice-wow and omega –places in speech building will not be in morphological bug court ,but came by reasons and other reasons that the researcher came to disclosed. Due to the limited example verbs , it was suitable to merge it in one chapter with effective boned ,this mention in the first chapter , and the outcome of effective boned and example verbs was forty two especially for effective boned whereas example verbs limited in one verb only in the limits of what worked . The second chapter comes under the title "What succession the wow and the omega of the act missing, remarkably that this type of verbs occupied a middle rank of attendance , which reach thirty verb. It should also be noted that the researcher stops at number of linguistic issues the are mostly came to clarify the succession of wow and omega of the triple verbs including: what was the language of a particular tribe like a high burden ,and there is specialize, Formulas for A tay tribe ,and other specialized for hathel tribe ,and other formats associated with bani-kalab tribe . The research contains a number of output ,then the glossary of a tripartite verbs which included the meaning of succession , and indexes of Quranic verses ,the hadith And notice and alarajaz ,and a list of a private sources and references. 1) -Morphological entrenched any bug that change wow to omega or omega to wow is subject to base the whole banking that scientists exchange in Arabic 2) Limited verbs example lack of numbers
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