Employing Heritage in Al-Ash Poetry

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Ehsan El-Deek - Supervisor
Dr. Jamal Ghethan - External examiner
Prof. Adel Abu Amsheh - Internal examiner
Prof. Ehsan El-Deek
Wesam Abdelsalam Ahmad
This study is based on the consideration of the method of recruitment of inherited pre-Islamic poetry of Al-Asha, and the importance to study this subject that it reveals aspects of the pre- Islamic human thought, which is part of the old Arabic human thought, and even that is revealed in the main myths of the peoples of the ancient world , and the overlapping of reflections on the literature and pre-Islamic poetry, also shows the origin of these legends and myths, the and the ability of our poet Al-Asha to recruit the old tradition of all kinds in his poetry. And by extrapolation Office of the poet, and to show how he employed what he inherited, whether was religious or historical or literary. The research is divided into a preface, and three chapters and a conclusion. By preparing to try to define the concept of heritage language idiomatically, which may mix with the other, either in the first chapter dealt with the sources of tradition in the pre-Islamic poetry different kinds of religious, historical, literary, and which included the beliefs and legends, customs and traditions that took root deep in the collective unconscious of the Arabs ignorant of all religions and cultures, and then moved a natural transition to literary arts: poetry and prose. In the second chapter and I stood on the types of heritage and its manifestations in Al asha poetry, and began in the heritage of religious, including religious stories, habits and rituals, and legends of ancient religious, show that A'sha affected by the heritage of religious and was able to prove what it was the Arabs of religions and deities. Then separated the employment of inherited mythological, which was evident in women, alcohol, animal, and then employ historical legacy in the poetry of A'sha, including novels, events and days, and then inherited literary rule and commandments, and the like, and the purpose of poetry originated all of the culture derived from sources syndrome, mixed all the legacies that a corporate repository of cultural heritage in the collective unconscious. Came his poetry utilize these traditions and form of the rituals and rites performed by his community, and published by the mind of a collective rather than individually; and from home is home and the establishment, and roaming between countries, which allowed him to mix with kings and nobles and Alkien and Alchmarin, Christians and Jews, which was born to have diverse cultures that we have never seen pre-Islamic poet like him. The third chapter was entitled "The technical configuration of the heritage in the poetry of A'sha," and from which I tried to explain how the poet sat down on this tradition and Hired technicians utilize, whether it be through pictures or language or music. To show us that the composition of artistic poetic and its implications and manifestations problem constituted a tribal, who gathered together a single environment and deposited in their hearts philosophies and cultural one, based on ancient history, and the shadow of far cannot be explained only by a return to assets that were still laden with beliefs and visions of poetry Assembly inherited. The research in the praise of God and His grace ends in a conclusion sheds light on the most prominent in it, and summarizes the most important findings across the study.
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