Glossary of Terms of Crafts and Traditional Occupations in Nablus

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Sa'eed Shwahneh- Supervisor
Prof. Zuheair Ebrahem- External Examiner
Prof. Yahyah Jaber- Internal Examiner
Dr. Sa'eed Shwahneh
Zeina A. Abweh
This research has dealt with the vocabularies of the crafts in Nablus semantically, morphologically, and phonetically. This research has also revealed that the vocabularies of those crafts are standard eccept of some slang or foreign ones. The research has been built according to the historical descriptive method, it consists of introduction, three chapters and a conclusion. The introduction focused on the importance, reason, aims the method used in the research. The first chapter searched for alphabetically the vocabularies of these crafts and their uses in aspecial dictionary prepared for this purpose. The second chapter speclised in the development change of the semantic study of these vocabularies. The last chapter concentrated on the lingual issues that are related to these structures which also included lingual , phonetical, semantical , study in addition to the foreign ones. The conclusion consisted of results and recommendations.
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