Misery in the Abbasi Poetry in the second and the third Hijri Century

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Abdulkhaleq Issa- Supervisor
Dr.Hussam Tamemme- Externat supervisor
Dr. Ra'ed Abdel-Raheem- Internal supervisor
Dr. Abdulkhaleq Issa
Jamal Abdulfattah Khaleel Sawwi
This study is about stinginess in the Abbasid poetry in the second and third Hijri centuries, and it's considered as one of those seminars which deal with a phenomenon which spread in those two centuries. This phenomenon was clearly present in their poetry. This study is considered as a helpful reference for the scholar of this subject regarding the literary material that it contains. It has followed the integral method as it investigates the poetical material and collecting it from its various sources, then describing and analyzing it objectively and artistically. It consists of an introduction, preface and three chapters. In the preface, I reviewed the presence of stinginess in the previous literary eras and the aspects of alienating it in the Quran and Sunna. I also showed the reasons of stinginess and its spread in those two centuries. The first chapter presents the picture which the Abbasid poets depicted for stingy people and their tools in all their forms such as those who were stingy regarding food, money, hospitality, reception and gifts. The second chapter presents the surrounding dimensions which affected stinginess and the poetry about it such as the psychological, social and local dimensions. The last chapter is about the study of the artistic features of this kind of poetry.
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