Physical Education

Year Title Authors
2015 Establishing Norms Levels for Physical Fitness and Skill Test for the Students Admission Exam in the Physical Education Departments in Palestinians Universities. Oday Daragmeh
2015 Physical Education Teachers' Attitudes Towards the Integration of Students with Disabilities in Public Schools in the Provinces of the North of Palestine Ezzeddine Abu Shamle
2015 The Eeffect of Proposed Learning Program on the Curve of Change for Some Technical Ping - Pong Skills Amongst Physical Education Students An-Najah National University Reem mouhammed Ibrahim Masri
2015 The effect of propsed plyometric Trining program on som Muscularpower for Female Basketball youth Eman Ali mousa sorri
2015 The Effect of Mental Vision Program Level on improving the skills Performance and Physiological Harmony among the Football Players Juniors Waseem Iqab Sulaiman
2015 The Effect of the Proposed Training Program of Visual Training on the Level of Technical Performance Among Palestinian Soccer Female Team Rania Fathi Abu SHabaan
2015 The Effect of Using Coordination Abilities on Some Physical and Technical Variablesamong Junior Soccer Players Mohanad Mahmud Mohammad Ibrahim
2015 The Effect of Zumba Program on Blood Lipids ، Body Composition، Resting Metabolic Rate، Body Image and Self- esteem amongst Females aged 18-25 Years Nidaa Diab Deeb Eweiwei
2015 The effectiveness of using proposed training program on physical Fitness amongst soccer beginners aged less than 14 years in the west Bank- Palestine Khalid Rawhi Swiedan
2015 The Impact of A Suggestion Program for Mental Visualization on the Level of Some Basic Skills in Athletics Saher Essam Ahmed Jouda
2015 The Level of Tactical Skills amongst Basketball and Soccer Players in The West Bank -Palestine Mahmoud Ali Mohammed Abu- Al Tayeb
2015 The Reality of Strategic Planning in the Sports Federations of Palestine Mossab Sameer Mahmmod Rashed
2015 The Relationship Between Adjustment Behavior and Emotional Intelligence Amongst Physical Education Students in the Palestinian Universities Nihayah Abdel Raheem Hasan Sabooba
2015 The Relationship between Athletic Achievement Motivation and Aspiration Amongst The Female omen Players of The Palestinian Universities Teams Raghed Abu Shanab
2015 The Relationship between Financial Income Satisfaction and The Level of Performance amongst Professional Soccer Players in The West Bank Mu’ath Mostafa Yousef Abdallah
2015 The Relationship Between Mmanagement Performance and the Level of Performance Creativity Among Clubs Administrator in the West Bank Montaser Mohamed Abdel Halim Khdair
2015 The Relationship Between Mood Patterns and Anger and Aggressive Behavior Amongst Female Soccer Players in The West Bank-Palestine Ahmad Mahmoud Sharaf
2015 The Relationship Between Sportsmanship and Motivation Among The Players to Professional Soccer Players In the West- Bank- Palestine Mohammd Ibrahim Hih
2014 The Effect of proposed Training Program on the Curve Change of Speed- Strength in Algiacozuki Femal Karate Players Saja Mahmoud Ahmad Abbasi
2014 Sports Injuries Amongest Physical Education Students in Palestinian Universities Ala’a Majid Nada
2014 The Effect of Proposed Learning Program on the Curve of Change for some Physical and Technical Abilities in Handball Amongst Physical Education Students Laith Malik Shaker Ismail
2014 The Effect of the Proposed Training Programon the Curve of Change for Some Physical and Technical Abilities in Gymnastic amongst Physical Education Students Hiba Saleem Najeeb Abu Shamma
2014 The Impact of Cooperative Education To learn Some Basketball Skills To Seventh Grade Students In Nablus Safaa Mokhles Mohamed Abdelaziz
2014 The Relationship Between Organizational Climate and the level of Innovation In Administrative Amongst Clubs Administration In Palestine Club Murad Farah Bannoura
2013 Academic Competancies Amongst Graduated Physical Education Majors in the West Bank from the point of Viens Educational Supervisors Norayda Hussne Saleh