Physical Education

Year Title Authors
2013 Athletic identity and its Relationship with Sport Achievement Motivation Amongst Volleyball Players in The West Bank -Palestine Hadeel Amer Abu Baker
2013 Building Standard Levels for Fitness and Other Anthropometrical Measurements among High Basic Stage Female Students at Jenin Education Directorate Mariam Mohammad Saleh Hithnawi
2013 Constructing Norms of Upper and Lower Limbs strength, Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate Amongst Female in Palestinian Technical Collage in Ramallah Fatima jubarh ahmad alfaqeeh
2013 Crisis Management among Administrators in Sports Federations and Clubs in Palestine Faten Rateb Zeer Barghothe
2013 Fitness level and their relationship to academic achievement in Physical Education students at the Faculty of Palestine cannula – Ramallah Fatema Reyad Ahmad Awwad
2013 Normal of total quality in Palestinian federation of basketball in the West Bank from the point of view of clubs and couches Asma Mustafa Ahmed Abu Hamdah
2013 Somatotypes, Anthropometric and Physical Measures Amongst Beginners of Basketball in West Bank Safwan Abdul Latif Hassan Hajj Ali
2013 The Relationship Between Hardiness in Training and Leadership Competencies amongst Coaches of The Team Sports in The West Bank Abdelsamad Saleh Hassan Awaad
2013 The Effect of Gymnastic Course on selected Physical Abilities and Self - Esteem Amongst Females Physical Education students in Palestinian Technical University Rasha Rashad Musameh
2013 The Effect of an (on Land - in Water and on Land) Training Program on Selected Physical Fitness and Body Composition Variables of Male Participants in Fitness Centers, Ages between (35-45) Years Mahmoud Wajeh Mohamad Kayed
2013 The Effect of High Intensity Interval Training and Fartlek Training on Some Physical and Physiological Characteristics Amongst Soccer Beginners Hamed Salameh
2013 The Effect of Proposed Training Program According to the Playing Style on Some Physical, Technical, and Physiological Variables Amongst Soccer Beginners Mohammad Shorbaje
2013 The Effect of proposed Weight Training Program on Muscle Strength Amongst Males Aged (18-25) Years Mahmoud Hussein Saleh Hussein
2013 The Effect of Repetition of Three Types of Kata onThe Response of Selected Hormones, Enzymes, Blood Contents, and Cardiovascular System among Karate Players Aged 15-25 Years" Mersal Abed Allah Selman Mersal
2013 The Effects of a Suggested Training Programme on some Changes in Physical and Skills Variables in Gymnastics for the Students of the Physical Education Department in the University of Khadoori Malek Rasim Muhammad Abbas
2013 The influence of the substitute player on performance level amongst Palestinian professional soccer players Mousa Khaled Ibrahim Jazeem
2013 The Relationship Between Narcissism and Self-Esteem Amongst Soccer Players in The West Bank-Palestine Awad Qasem Bodair
2013 The Relationship Between Optimism and Psychological Flow State Amongst Basketball Players in The West Bank-Palestine Aisha Fathi Deeb Shtaya
2013 The Relationship between Self- concept and Aspiration Amongst Professional Soccer Players in Palestine Alla aldeen Helal Mustafa Sheta
2013 The Relationship Between Sportsmanship and Emotional Intelligence among High Level Team Sports Players in West Bank-Palestine Iyad Kamal Issa
2013 The Role Sponsorship Companies of sports activities In Developing the Sports Movement In West Bank From the Point Of View The Workers In Sports Field” Mohammad Shawkat Mustafa Samha
2013 Types of Leadership Amongst the Teachers of Physical Education in North Districts of the West Bank Khulud Muhammad Khaled Abu Hamed
2012 "The Relationship between Sports Satisfaction and Sources of Sport Self-confidence among Soccer Players in the West Bank” Allam Mohammad Ibraheem Hamarsheh
2012 (Constructing Norms of Upper and Lower Limbs Strength, Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate Amongst Female in Palestinian Technical Collage in Ramallah) Fatmeh Jebarah Ahmad Al-Faqeeh
2012 Building regulation and battery test of fitness with the elements of the Palestinian army Abdel Rahman Mohammed Basheer