The Level of Behavior Problems at the Secondary Stage Students of the Government Schools and the Difficulties on Treating them from the Point of View of the Educational Counselors in noth Palestine Governerates

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Dr. Abed Muhammad Assaf
Abdullatif Mustafa Al- Abed Athamneh
The purposes of this study were, First, to identify the severity of behavioral problems among secondary school student from the Counselors point of view. Second, to find out the effect of the demographic variables of the Counselors on their perceptions of Student's behavioral problems. The study's society consisted of all educational Counselors working in the government schools in North Palestine (Qalqiliah, salfit ,Nablus , Tulkarm ,Qabatyah, and Jenin for the scholastic year 2001/2002. The questionnaire contained 57 paragraphs divided according to the following domains, Mutiny, Aggression, shyness, Deception, Abstaining from social activities, Destruction and losing concentration, Inclination for extra activity and Psychological disturbances. The study revealed the following: * The distraction and losing concentration domain occupied the first place with a mediocre comprehensive degree of 61 ,60/0 . * The inclination for extra activity domain came second with Frequent in comprehensive degree of 59,6%. * Shyness came third with a infrequent comprehensive degree of 55%. * The forth domain was the Deception Behavior with an infrequent Comprehensive degree 54%. * Next came the Abstaining from social activities a Comprehensive degree of 54% percent. * After that came the psychological disturbances dorr ain with a Comprehensive degree of 53,4%. * The seventh domain was the aggressive behavior with an infrequent comprehensive degree of ~)1,20/0. * Last, was the muting behavior domain with an infrequent comprehensive degree of 48,6%. * The comprehensive degree of the behavior problems that the students in the secondary stage in north Palestine encountered an infrequent occurrence, where the percentage of the response was 54,6%. The study showed there is no difference in the overall average considering the sensitivity of the counselors of schools in the directorates of education. Also there is no difference regarding overall average to the variable of specialized course. But for educational qualification variable was in favor of M.A holders. As for experience it was more than six years. For sex the arithmetic average was higher for male students, and for the number of students it was for more than 300 students. As for stage it was for primary and secondary stages. As for the site it was for the city and occupation had a considerable influence. The researcher recommends more participation from counselors in solving students problems, more training to develop Counselors professional efficiently, more activities for students to cater for their needs, dividing schools that have more than one stage and minimizing the number of students in the classroom, similar study to bee conduct at a national level. so as to compare the result in order to benefit both students and those who are in charge of the learning and teaching.
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