The Attitudes of the Students at the Palestinian Universities Towards, the Woman Work

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Husni F. Masri
Dr. Abdul Naser Abdul Rahim Al- Qadomi
Sai'd Mohammaed Ahmed Hamayel
The purpose of this study is to know the attitudes of the student’s at the Palestinian universities towards the woman work, according to the sex, the college, the motl1er's work, the father's work, the place of residence, the number of the family, the study level, and the academic average. To do this study samples are taken including (934) students (446 males, 488 females) forming the percent (7.71) of the society whose members were chosen randomly following the simple arbitrary samples. The researcher has made a questionnaire to measure the student's J attitudes, it consists of (73) paragraphs classified to five areas concerning i the subject ofthe woman’s work: family, psychological, economical, social, intellectual and administrative area. The questioner was showed to a panel of judges in addition to get l the validity. Reliability was calculated by using Corenbakh Alpha's method and the whole reliability was (0.86). And after dealing with the information, the information results were found: -The attitudes of the students of the Palestinian universities were positive and the Celsius percentage reached (63.6%). -There were significant differences in (α=0.05) in the attitudes of the students at the Palestinian universities towards the woman work according to the six varieties, the mother‘s work, the la1her's work, the place of residence, the number of the family, the study level and the academic average. No significant differences were found towards the students attitudes due to their colleges: -Adding the woman subject to the society among the obligatory requirements of the university concentrating on the family and social area. -Taking care with the working mothers and help them in psychological health in order to help them to take care of their children's psychological health.
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