Educational Science - Curriculum and Methodology

Year Title Authors
2017 Effectiveness of a Developed Unit of National Education in the Achievement and Attitudes Towards Citizenship among Seventh Grade Students in Nablus City Duha Fayez Kayed Maari
2017 The Effectiveness of Using V-Shape Maps on the Achievement of Knowledge and Attitudes toward Environments Geography among 8th Grade Students in Nablus Governorate Amani Nedal Iseed Thaher
2016 An Interdisciplinary Approach in the Art Education Basic Sixth impact on Creative Thinking & Motivation Among it's Curriculum and Graders Students in Salfit District / Case Study Ala’ Ma’moun Rasheed Jabr
2016 Evaluation of Technology Teacher Education Program in the Palestinian Universities in the Light of NCATE Standards: An – Najah National University and Palestine Technical University / Case Study Hiba Adil Nadi
2016 The Effect of employing computerized program on the Achievement of Eighth Grade Students' in the Unite of Optics and their Attitudes Toward Science Learning in Tubas District. Abla Hassan Abdullah Saleh
2016 The Effect of Prior & Acquired Knowledge Strategy for Reading Comprehension (K.W.L.H) in the Achievement of 7th Grade Students in Public Schools of Nablus governorate and the development of their Creative Thinking Skills Areen Adi Abdullah Abu Amsha
2016 The Effect of Teaching by Using the Multimedia on the Academic Achievement in the Field of TV Advertising for Students of the Faculty of Media in An-Najah National University Mohammad Khalil Mohammad Odeh
2016 The Effect of the Cubing Strategy in the Achievement of the Basic Seventh Grade Students in Mathematics in Qalqilya Governorate and their Attitudes Towards it's Learning Alaa Ghazi Shawahany
2016 The effect of using K-W-L strategy in the achievement of fifth-grade students in reading and their attitudes towards it's learning in public schools in Nablus Jana Sami Rajeh Mubaslat
2016 The Effect of Using Portfolio on the Achievement and Trends of Basic Fifth Grade Pupils in the Arabic Subject in the Governmental Schools in the City of Nablus Ala’a Mazen Ismail Al-Shunnar
2016 The effect of using the active class strategy on the achievement of fifth grade students in Mathematics in Nablus city and their attitudes toward it's learning Khitam Mohammad Nabhan Sager
2016 The Effectiveness of Reciprocal Teaching in Basic Ninth – Grade Student's Achievement in Arabic Syntax and the Motivation Toward its Learning in Jenin Governorate Morad Ahamd Khaleeliya
2016 The evaluation of advanced technology curriculum for the seventh grade from teachers and its developers perspectives Nora Mohammad Mansour
2016 The Extant of Satisfaction of Faculty Members on Training and Technical Support Provided by the E-learning Center at An-Najah National University Badiya Mahmmuod Darawsha
2016 The Impact of Using Google Applications as a Vehicle to Increase Sixth Grade Students’ Scientific Concepts Acquisition and their Attitudes toward the Acceptance of Technology in Tulkarm Governmental Schools Monji Azmi Mahmoud Ghanem
2016 The impact of using problem solving strategy in the development of intellectual security among tenth grade students in Tulkarem Manal Khairi Abu Shams
2016 The Reasons for the Declining Level of Reading and Suggestions for Solving them from the point View of Teachers and Educational Supervisors in Nablus Governorate Mira Mohammed Ramadan Zeid
2016 The role of educational initiatives for teachers in their professional growth and a students achievement from the point of views of school principals and educational supervisors in the directorates of the North West Bank Fatima Atyani
2016 Trends of Teachers of Basic Schools of Nablus Governorate Toward Constructionist Theory and Its Applications Fayha Abd Al Salam Sholi
2015 Christian Education Curriculum Evaluation from Basic Stage Teacher's Perspective in West Bank & Jerusalem Schools Dema Butros Khoury Diab
2015 Effectiveness of a Computerized Software in Teaching Chemical reactions on the Achievement of the Ninth Grade Students in UNRWA Schools and Their Attitudes Toward Science learning Fatima Waleed Abu Hashiyeh
2015 The Effect of a Program Supported with Stories on the Achievement of Tenth Grade students in Genetics Unit and their Motivation Towards its Learning Samia Mostafa Ayyash
2015 The Effect of Teaching Geometry Unit By Using Macromedia Flash For Fifth Graders Achievement and Their Attitudes Towards Mathematics Learning in the Governmental Schools in Nablus City Ehab Al-Bizary
2015 The Effect of Teaching Geometry Unit Using Mathematics Laboratory on Achievement and Motivation Towards Mathematics Learning Among Sixth Graders in Schools of Tulkarem District Amani Adnan Suleiman
2015 The Effect of Using Drama in Developing Composition and the Attitudes of Learning Arabic Language in Basic Stage in Tulkarem City Siham Mohammed Khader Qarawi