Effectiveness of a Developed Unit of National Education in the Achievement and Attitudes Towards Citizenship among Seventh Grade Students in Nablus City

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Alia Assali/suprevisor
Dr. Rajaa Sweedan/external examiner
Dr.Abdel Kareem Ayoub/internal examiner
Dr. Alia Assali/suprevisor
Duha Fayez Kayed Maari
This study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of a developed unit of national education in achievement and attitudes toward citizenship among seventh grade students in Nablus city. The researcher used a systematic search descriptive and analytical (content analysis) and curriculum experimental quasi-experimental design on a sample consisting of (43) students from Al-Khalidiya female Basic School in Nablus city, then the sample was divided into two groups, the experimental group which consisted of (22) Students and the control groups which consisted of (21) students. For this purpose the researcher prepared a list of citizenship standards must included in the National Education curriculum for basic upper stage classes, and developed a unit in the light of these standards, in addition to the teacher guide for this unit, achievement test and attitudes measurement tool, after confirmed validity and reliability the test and attitudes measurement tool were implemented on the study sample before and after teaching the developed unit. The collected data were analyzed by using (SPSS) to calculate means and standard deviations to come up with a description of students' achievement in the post test for the experimental and the control groups and to find out the attitudes towards citizenship, and analysis of variance (ANCOVA) was used to examine the differences of the means scores and attitudes of both in experimental and control groups. The statistical analyzes came up with the results of the lack of significant differences at (0.05 = α) in the mean scores of the students' achievement in the experimental and the control group regarding to the teaching the developed unit, and the presence of significant differences at (0.05 = α) in the mean attitudes towards citizenship in the experimental and the control group regarded to the teaching the developed unit. Based on these results, the researcher recommended to prepare a teacher's guide comes with the objectives, methods and educational resources to achieve the general objectives of national educational curriculum by enriching its content elements. the researcher also recommended to adopt a new methods in planning content based on critical thinking and problem solving. Key words: Effectiveness, Developed Unit, Standards, National Education, Achievement, Attitudes.
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