The role of educational initiatives for teachers in their professional growth and a students achievement from the point of views of school principals and educational supervisors in the directorates of the North West Bank

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Dr . Ali Habayeb/supervisor
Dr. Mohamad Dabbous/external examiner
Prof. Ghasan Helo/internal examiner
Dr . Ali Habayeb/supervisor
Fatima Atyani
This study aims to identify the role of educational initiatives on teachers professional development and their impact on students’ achievement from the point of view of the head teachers in the north districts of Palestine. This will be carried out by answering the following question: What is the role of the educational initiatives in enhancing students’ academic achievements and teachers’ professional development from the points of view of the head teachers in the north districts of Palestine? To achieve the objectives of this study, the researcher has applied the descriptive- analytical approach. She has also prepared a questionnaire consisted of six fields. The authenticity of the questionnaire has been tested by a jury from the university professors. Moreover, the stability factor has been measured by Alfa Crounbach factor which ranged between (81%-97%). The results of the study have demonstrated that the overall degree for the fields of the study tool has appeared to be within the average. The extraction average has been (3.26), and the standard deviation has been (61). However, concerning ranking of the fields of the study, the motifs for the educational initiatives comes first with an average (3.3), then teaching methods comes next with an average (3.3) as well. The third field comes students’ activities with an average (3.2). The fourth rank is for training and qualifying with an average (3.2). Finally, the scientific school tours comes fifth with an average (3.1). Overall, the gained results demonstrate a clear gap between the males and females (gender variable) points of view regarding the scientific school trips where females have outweighed males. In contrast, the gender variable hasn't showed any statistical significance in the other fields of the study which are: the educational initiatives motifs for teachers, teaching methods, training and qualifying, and students’ activities. Thus, the researcher has recommended that the ministry of education has to give more attention to the educational initiatives. Furthermore, there is an urgent need to get benefit from the experiences of the developed countries in regard to planning and implementing the educational initiatives.
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