The Effect of Using Drama in Developing Composition and the Attitudes of Learning Arabic Language in Basic Stage in Tulkarem City

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ali Habayeb/supervisor
Dr. Naseem Bani Odeh/external examiner
Dr. Souhil Salahah/internal examiner
Dr. Ali Habayeb/supervisor
Siham Mohammed Khader Qarawi
This study aimed at recognizing the effect of using drama in doveloping the skills of writing expression and the attitude of students towards learning Arabic for students in the sixth basic grade in government school in Tulkarm for the scholastic year (2014-2015). The researcher used the semi-trial approach, where an intended sample was chosen from among 1251 students in the sixth grade in government schools in Tulkarm. This study was applied in the second semester on a sample of (76) female students from the sixth basic grade at Ishbeelyah Basic School. The sample was purposely chosen and divided into two groups: one as experimental which included (36) students and the other was controlled and included (36) students. The study tool of achievement test in written expression skills consist depending on the educational literature and a scale of attitudes towards learning Arabic. The exam consisted of (8) various paragraphs and one essay paragraph. The verification of the two tools was done by a committee of specialist arbitrators. Cornbach Alpha Reliability Coefficient was used for Calculation. The result of the study showed a difference of statistical evidence among the grades of the control and the experimental groups (studied by using drama) in the post exam for the skills of writing expression and for the benefit of the experimental group. It also showed a difference of statistical evidence among the average of the controlled group (traditional method) and the experimental group (studying by drama) in the scale of attitudes for learning Arabic and for the benefit of the experimental group. It also showed relationship of statistical evidence between achievement and the attitudes towards learning Arabic for the students in the sixth grade. In view up these results, the researcher recommended using drama as an effective method for developing the skills of writing expressions and developing attitudes towards learning Arabic . Key words: drama, written expression, trends, expression
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