Educational Science - Curriculum and Methodology

Year Title Authors
2001 Analyzing English Textbook Questions for The Elementary English Grade in Palestine Based On Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Goals At its Cognitive Domain Fatima M. Alul
2001 Computer Learning and Teaching Obstacles in governmental Schools in Northern Directorates of Palestine from Teaching and Students Point of Views Adel Fayes Mahmoud Al-Sartawi
2001 Defining the training Needs for the Class Teachers of the First Four Classes of the Compulsory Stage in Nablus Educational District Fadel A. Abu Al-Roos
2001 Degree of Government High School Teachers' Effectiveness And Its Relationship with Students’ Motivation of Achievement from Students' Point of View خالد حسن الحاج محمود خضر
2001 Fourth Grade Pupil's Achievement in The Arabic Reading Comprehension in Nablus Educational District Omar Hilmo Abdullah Alawneh
2001 Relationship between Narcissism and Innovation Among High School Students in Palestine's Northern Governorates Nidal Ghannam Fayez Nayef
2001 The Effect of Specialty Area, Induction Dedication and Discussion methods on the Acquisition of the 9th Basic Cycle Girl Students in Nablus Educational Area of Scientific Concepts Haneen Rasheed Blaibleh
2001 The Level of Health Education of the Students at the End of the Tenth Grade in Public Schools in Jenin Fakrhi Sharif Hussin Al Ali
2001 The Relationship between Problem-Solving Strategies and Depression Symptoms Among General Secondary Students in Ramalla District Nasreen Hikmat Azeez Dweikat
2001 The Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Grade Students Acquisitions of Islamic Fiqh Concepts in Shari’a Schools Directed by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religion Affairs in Palestine Younis Mohammad Faris Tahaina
2001 مدى فعالية منهاج اللغة العربية للصف الثاني الثانوي في محافظات شمال فلسطين من وجهة نظر معلمي اللغة العربية ومشرفيها زهرية محمود علي الأعرج
2000 Beginning Science and Mathematics Nablus high School Teachers' Interests and Perceptions of Effectiveness of Pre-Service Training Programs أسحار صالح عبد الرحمن صوالحة
2000 Evaluation of 11th and 12 Graders' Classroom Environment in Nablus Governorate Public Schools Madeeha Salameh M. Faqha
2000 Public School Teachers' Attitudes Towards The Teaching Of Sex Education In Northern Governorates Of Palestine Salah E-Dean Hassan Mustafa Salah
2000 The Effect of Free Reading On Ninth Grade Students' Written Composition in English in Nablus Schools Maha Subhi Shahrouri
1999 An Evaluation of National Education Textbook for Primary Grades (4-6th) according to the teachers’ opinion Mohammed Rabay'a
1999 Environmental Concepts Necessary to be Introduced in Social Studies Curriculum in the Primary Stage From Teachers' Perspective in Nablus Governorate Mazen Ahmed Muhmoud Rabaya'
1999 Rating the effectiveness of the history teachers at the northern governorates Directorates of Education from the Point of view of headmaster and teachers Suleiman Fatayer
1999 الأنشطة الترويحية المفضلة أثناء الوقت الحر عند طلبة جامعة النجاح الوطنية عايدة حلمي ذياب حسين
1998 Evaluation of Primary Stage Geography Textbooks From Teachers' point of view In the north of palestine Amer Alawneh
1998 Fitness of the National Education curriculum to the characteristics of the faithful and loyal citizen from the points of view of teachers Yusra Zidan
1998 Obstacles in Using Educational Aids Facing government School Teachers of Science And Social Studies in Hebron District خالد احمد صالح أبو حسان
1998 Perception of Teachers and Students of the Role of Educational Counselor in Salfit and Nablus Distrcts معتصم عزيز نمر مصلح
1998 The Self-concept Of Academic Ability That Affected by Some Variables Demography Of the Ninth Grade Students In Nablus Governorate Government Schools Mufeed Nofal
1998 تقويم كتب قواعد اللغة العربية في الصفوف العليا (ثامن، تاسع، عاشر) من وجهة نظر المعلمين والمعلمات في المدارس الحكومية في محافظة جنين نعيم محمود صادق جرار