The Effect of employing computerized program on the Achievement of Eighth Grade Students' in the Unite of Optics and their Attitudes Toward Science Learning in Tubas District.

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Soheil Hussein Salha /supervisor
Dr. Hasan Abdel Kareem/external examiner
Dr. Mahmoud Shamali/internal examiner
Dr. Soheil Hussein Salha /supervisor
Abla Hassan Abdullah Saleh
The study aimed to identify the effect of employing computerized program on the achievement of eighth grade students' in the unit of optics and their attitudes toward science learning in tubas district. the researcher prepare a computerized unit in science and measured the achievement for eighth-grade students, in addition to students attitude towards learning science. The study population consisted of all students in eighth grade in Tubas public schools scholastic year 2014/2015, with a total of (1190) students (Ministry of Education and Higher Education 2014/2015). The study sample consisted of (60) female students divided into (30) student in control group and (30) students in experimental group. The researcher applied a set of tools that consisted of a test that measures the eighth-grade students achievement and a scale of attitudes toward science. The study instrument reliability coefficient was (0.75). The results indicated that there is a statistically significant difference at (0.05 = α) between the means of students in the experimental group and control group attributed to the teaching method (traditional, employing computerized program). The results were in favor of the experimental group. The results of the study also showed that there is a statistically significant diffiernce (0.05 = α) between the means of the students' attitudes towards science attributed to the teaching method (traditional, computerized program) in favor of the experimental group that studied the optics unit from the primary eighth grade textbook using computerized program. Based on the study findings, the researcher recommends the scince culricullum team to improve teaching methods using computerized program in scince, in addition, recommends conducting training courses for scince teachers and superviosors to increase their awareness of the importance of using of computerized program in teaching scince since the results of this study spports scince culricullum and as a suitable tool in supporting scince teaching strategies, moreover, conducting regular improvement for scince culricullum and computerized applications that cope with the technological and scientific developme
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