Educational Science - Curriculum and Methodology

Year Title Authors
2009 The effectiveness of using conceptual maps In creativity of mathematics in developing the seventh grade students in qbatia education directorate Husam Sidqi Najib Mustafa
2008 Comparative Study between Mathematics Curriculum in Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine for the Elementary Ninth Grade Mahmoud Mohammed Al Iady
2008 Effect Of Cooperative and Competitive Learning Method in Tenth Graders' Academic Achievement and Retention of Reading Comprehension Skills of Arabic Poetry for 10th school students Inas I. Araqawi
2008 Learning by the Cooperation and Competition Methods and their Effects on Students' Achievement in Mathematics both at the Fifth and Eleventh Grades and their Attitudes towards each Method Mohammad khalil Fayed
2008 Secondary Grader's Awareness of Human Rights From Teachers Perspective in Nablus District - Palestine Eman Abdallah Ali Imar
2008 The Current Thinking Styles and it's Relationship between Psychology of Optimism, Pessimism for Second Secondary School Students in Jenin Governorate Nawaal Khalid Hassan Nassrallah
2007 The Effect of Using Educational Games in the Academic Achievement and Retention for the Fourth Grade Students at Nablus Governmental Schools Taghreed Abdel-Raheem Qaddoumi
2006 The Evaluation of the "New Palestinian Sciences Curriculum" for Students at the Elementary School Level from Supervisors and Teachers View in Government Schools Located in the Northern Governates of the West Bank Safa' Mohammad Mahmod Bkheitan
2005 Attitudes of the Academic Supervisors at Al-Quds Open University Towards the Educational Uses of the Internet Majdi 'Mohammad Rasheed' Helmi Hinnawi
2005 The Directions of UNRWA’S Teachers in Nablus Reigon for Using the Drama in Teaching Ali 'Mohammad Fathi' Ahmmad Nada
2004 The Most Common Problems among Government School Libraries in Directorates of Education in Northern Palestine as Viewed by the Librarians Maha Hasan Al-Haj Hasan
2003 Arabic Language Teachers' Evaluation Methodes Basic Cycle Students at UNRWA Schools in Nablus Educational District Ruqaya A. Hinno
2003 Attitudes of Teachers, Supervisors of Islamic Education and Parents towards physical Punishment at schools in Palestine Bassam yousif Abdulwhid Utair
2003 Common Errors in arabic Language Loud Reading made by Students of the Fourth Basic Grade in Government schools in Nablus City Iyad Yahya Abdul-Qader Bqeilah
2003 Evaluating (Lughatuna Aljameila) “our beautiful language" textbook for Sixth Graders from Teacher’s perspective in the governmental school at Salfeet District Nuha Ziad Mohammed Aqel
2003 Evaluation of Palestinian Seventh Grade Islamic Education Textbook from Public School Teachers’ Point of View In Nablus Educational District Mohammed A. Aziz A. El Jalil
2003 Musical Ability of Palestinian Public School Students in Nablus Governorate Ammar Mohamd Masoud Qadamani
2003 Reasons for Underachievement Among students of basic elementary stages from teachers point of view in Northern Provinces of West Bank Ibraheem A. Tarteer
2003 The Acquisition of Educational Technology and State of Its Utilization In Their Teaching by Basic School Arabic Teachers on the Northern Governates of Palestine Haneen M. Abdel Jalil
2003 The Research Obstacles Reasons Facing the Palestinian University Instructors Ayman Jameel Abdel Rahman Saleh
2003 The Situation of Teaching Music and Songs to The Basic Stage in Palestinian Governmental Schools Ali Jabri Taha
2002 Readability-Level of Expository Text-book Passages for the Six elementary Grade in Nablus Directorate Iqbal Abed El-qader Sulaiman
2002 The Difficulties that Limit the Efficiency of homework foe sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades Pupils of the Basic Phase at the Governmental Schools in the District of Nablus from the Viewpoint of Teachers and Pupils Ali Kamal Mohammad Abu Ali
2002 The Impact of a Suggested training program In Developing Understanding Skill of Reading Comprehension in Arabic Language for Sixth's Grade students In Salfit District Imran Ahmad Ali Musleh
2002 Using the Creative Thinking Skills in Teaching Arabic Language for Sixth Basic Grade pupils in the District of Nablus and their Impact on achievement and Solving Language Problems Dhirar Kamel Mustafa Ishtayeh