The Role of Palestinian Women's Organizations to Activate Women's Political Participation in the Period Between (2000 -2006)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Othman Othman
Wafaa Mohammed Hamza Awwad
The study aimed to know the role played by Palestinian women's organizations and the effectiveness of various programs and activities in promoting women's issues especially at the level of political participation because of its significant impact in the process of comprehensive community development, also aimed to demonstrate the acceptance of the Palestinian community to attend the Women's political participation in politics And decision-making positions, and for this purpose has been to follow the curriculum historical and descriptive analysis were distributed to identify the full sample study. In the second chapter on political participation, researcher of Palestinian women in their infancy until 2006, introduced all the changes that have taken place in the women's movement and participation in the legislative elections first, second and local council elections, as well as the presence in each of the bodies of formal and informal, and the reasons that weakened the representation For women in the elections, as well as demonstrate the importance of the presence of women in positions of Palestinian decision. The study also addressed the issue of quota for women and their impact on increasing political participation, media and the role of women and their participation in the development of the Palestinian economy, the third chapter dealt with researcher institutions of civil society in Palestine, and characteristics patterns definition and the advantages and disadvantages, through the chronology of the activity of non-governmental organizations and women's Palestinian Since the twenties and even in 2006, in addition to that talk about the distinction between the work of UNPROFOR by non-governmental organizations and women's before the advent of authority and power after the advent of the overall difficulties faced in their work. As the field of study, adopted to identify designed to gather detailed information on Palestinian women's organizations in the Palestinian territories except for the Gaza Strip because of the current security situation; resolution has been distributed to the entire study sample is women's organizations of the 75 women's organizations in the West Bank, according to Helms Guide to PASSIA in 2006, has been recovered to identify 51 suitable for statistical analysis program was used as SPSS. The study concluded that the Palestinian decision-makers have worked to increase the political participation of Palestinian women through laws and enacted new legislation had increased political role and contribution of women in decision-making, and the largest example of the quota system and the development of women's affairs departments in various ministries, as well as Insist on women's presence in international forums. With regard to the role of women's political participation and the size and role in Palestinian decision-making in the current period is not commensurate with the size of the sacrifices made by women since the British mandate until the present time, and the exposure of the repressive practices of Israeli occupation, killing, detention and displacement, they stood side by Side with men in all fields and in all locations, and that is very natural in a society where parents east of women and men has remained, which requires a lot of time and effort to get used to the idea of community women accept a partner. The study concluded that women's emancipation and social and economic increased education is essential to activate their political participation, women who do not work, others are more educated man's subservience to the resolution of women educated and economically independent, often illiterate women's interests not come from the family environment and are more likely to play the traditional role of women. This leads to women's organizations and frameworks contributed to the increase of women's political awareness through its educational programs and women's awareness, political and cultural to other programs maintained on their traditional roles in the empowerment of women and the related income generating programs and associated development, it has The role of women in the political contribution in support of women access to decision-making positions by raising awareness and Election nomination, the organization met directly with candidates, election campaigns and support them, as far as possible and to provide funding for election campaigns for women candidates. Has emerged from the study made several recommendations to increase the effectiveness of women's organizations, through increased support for women's organizations financially and morally to perform the mission through its activities and programs aimed at increasing awareness of women's in the interest of society as a whole through the bombing of the potential of women, and women's organizations turn to work to assign Mechanisms of action and programs studied the role of women in political and non-limited releases, sessions and meetings, through the development of future plans and sustainable development programs work with a positive impact on the whole Palestinian community. It also must Palestinian women's organizations to succeed the availability of internal democracy, accountability and transparency in the infrastructure and structural, and to have independence, there are serious ideas and programs of parties and political organizations, etc. of the need for the cooperation and coordination between women's organizations Via them wherever they exist, should be Work seriously to participate in active programs aimed at creating women's leadership, and at the same time management skills development for women through continuous training and continued with them to create them as women subsequently unable to access to political decision-making positions. It also recommends researcher of the need for change in societal culture is to maintain and ensure women's autonomy and whether any of the occupied Palestinian men, and work to change the stereotype that women are the work of family and home is the only change is the beginning of the Palestinian educational curriculum and in the creation of the Law Address the social, economic, political and cultural rights of women, in order to ensure their rights in full.
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