Tribal Intolerance In the Palestinian Political Behaviour and its Impact on Political Development

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Abedel Sattar Qaseem
Tawfik" Izat Fareed" Abu Hadid
This study addresses the issue of tribal fanaticism that characterizes the political behavior of the Palestinian factions and the impact of this matter on the political development in the country. The researcher discussed in the first chapter the definition of tribal fanaticism, its psychology, and evolution over the last decades. In the second chapter, however, the study focuses on providing a description of the behavior of the Palestinian National Authority in certain situations. In this chapter also, the researcher seeks to analyze these behaviors and detect them through a group of political issues that are of interest to this study. In the third chapter, the researcher classifies the responses of some of the Palestinian factions towards some political initiatives that are related to the Palestinian cause and how those factions ignored those initiatives for the sake of their own interests. The researcher also points out to these violations and their relationship with tribal fanaticism. In the fourth chapter, the researcher describes the behavior of Fateh and the negative practices of it which indicate the relationship between these behaviors and the idea of tribal fanaticism. In the fifth chapter, the study presents a number of political behavior models which occurred between two of the most powerful and dominant of the Palestinian factions (Fateh and Hamas). Through studying those models and comparing them with the characteristics of fanaticism, the researcher highlighted the negative points in the behavior of each of the two factions. The researcher concluded the study with seventh chapter in which he presented the major results and recommendations that he has reached through this study.
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