The Role of Student Movement at an- Najah National University Fixing the Concept of Political Participation

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Abdul- Sattar Kassem
Fathi Muhammad Khader Khader
This study tackles the Palestinian student movement at An- Najah National University concerning its potentials to participate in causing a specific move to establish a wide political contribution among the sectors of Palestinian community: where this mission starts from the milieu of students via widening their participation in the public concerns without confining them on the act of voting on the day of elections or attending a speech festival or a political symposium. Their role actually surpasses all that so as to include determining the policies approached by the university administration and student movement as well as stake holders in the whole aspects of university life & sharing in drawing youth's policies. The university students look like a slice that is involved among the various slices of society at large. They do come from various social & geographical environs. Consequently, causing any successes in the concepts of political contributions with them is being reflected directly on the university surroundings that the students had come from. This is what explains the impact of students on their community all over the earth so as to cause the targeted change. Hence, we should develop the abilities of students so as to comprehend the concerns of community as well as reacting with them. This is in addition to the academic topics for the sake that they might be equipped with the ability and preparedness to serve their environment which they came from as a prelude to sharing with the associate effort towards constructing their country and their larger community. The students will, before long, be affected by society and the) will affect with it as well. And this depends on the level of awareness & ripeness of leaders at student work. The students are looked upon as the learned, educated avant-grade for the sector of youths who from more than half of the Palestinian community. Consequently, the belief of students in the necessity of sharing in the Palestinian political life means sharing the largest sector in the sectors of society at the political process. The students alone and the leadership of the student movement as well do not bear the responsibility of retreat taken place in the entity & firebrand of student movement in Palestine. This retreat is referred to several causes already perpetrated by a group of sides in the Palestinian community. The students bear a part of responsibility, and the other part of it is borne by a group of associations. The university bears a share of responsibility due to the impediments set in front of the practicing of student movement to its activities & programs throughout its perception & priorities. The political developments witnessed in the Palestinian arena have affected in a tangible way on the various sectors of the society including the students themselves. It is believed as well that the student movement has witnessed a retreat in the aftermath of OSLO, whereas further others believe that the retreat has involved the national & secular student movement due to their cohesion with political forces adopting the method of negotiation in dealing with the Palestinian- Israeli conflict. This is in contradiction with the ethics accustomed by students in those Political forces. In correspondence to that, the dame epoch has witnessed extension & prosperity among the lines of Islamic student movement simply because it has adopted at that stage am emblem calling for refusing & resisting agreements with the occupation. The factions & political parties hear as well the highest amount of retreat for the student movement. This came in result of its policies in dealing with students as a spearhead in political harassment and their seeking to educate those students a blind-folded factional education opposing to accept the other side and coexisting with him, especially after OSLO. The student movement can’t invent innovated. Developed methods to face changes witnessed at the student arena. The circumstances accompanying the stage were not suitable to develop the student movement: especially, the matters of apparent intervention with its internal affairs from various sides; whether from the factions, or political forces, or Palestinian security systems or what the stage has represented from conflicts and polarization of student work leaders by the various apparatuses. The university administration as well has found in those circumstances opportunity to limit the extent of domination & interventions by student movement in public affairs at the university. And they strengthened themselves by the leaderships of authority and factions so as to press on the student movements serving their benefits. And they tended as well to attract a number of student movement leaderships to them in return for offering a few privileges to them. The study was in parallel that the universities used to be the lonely vent for the national work because of the Israeli perpetration preventing. The Performance of freedom to express opinion whether throughout raising an emblem or protestation. Any operation of protesting used to be faced with repression & pursuit. Whence the university formed the sole vent for expression about the national feelings. It has participated as well in creating leaderships for national & communal work. Thus, the concentration of the researcher was on studying the potentials for creating the required change in establishing a deepened, enlarged policy among the lines of Palestinian communities throughout the benefiting from the experiment of student movement in the democratic operation and the possibilities accredited by universities as a springboard towards realizing development in the domains of political contribution in its total form. rather than performing elections.
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