Arts - Geography

Year Title Authors
2017 The River Terraces in Faria' and Zomer Valleys A comparative study" WoroodMoiz F. Hamadneh
2017 The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Reducing Unemployment Rate in Tulkarm Governorate Kholoud Raied Yousef Zandiq
2017 Urban Safety and Landslides in Silat Ad-Daher Area(A study in Applied Geomorphology) Bushra A.S. Salatneh
2016 An Evaluation of Land Suitability for UrbanDevelopment in Hebron City Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS Ahmad Waleed Mohammad Sawalha
2016 Bio-climate Boundaries of Vegetation in Palestine (Case study: Cross Section, Jaffa-Jericho Rasmi Yahya Hamad Al-Omari
2016 Evaluation of the Reality of the Main Commercial Areas in Nablus City and Planning them Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Aya M. F. Khalili
2016 Extent of Previously Married Women's Practice of Reproductive Health in the West Bank According to the Data of Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) of 2014 Maha Osama Mohammed Al-Haj Yahya
2016 Future of Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the Exploitation of oil A study in Development Geography Ahmed Ibrahim Shaker Zebadi
2016 Housing Characteristics in the West Bank According to the Data of the Housing Conditions Survey of 2015 Hanan Ghazi Yusef Tayeh
2016 Impact of Israeli Colonies on the Grazing Communities in Tubas Governorate,Case Study (Almaleh and Beduin Areas) Fatin Ahmed Awad Qassrawi
2016 Locating the Prone Areas to Flooding in the Northern Parts of the West Bank and Facing them by Employing GIS Jehad Ehssan Jararh
2016 The Palestinian Foreign Trade and its Impact on the Spread of Unemployment and Poverty in the West Bank Ghada Abdel Fatah Hasan Melhem
2015 Distribution and Planning of Educational Services in the City of Jenin, Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Saba Mohammed Ibrahim Zyoud
2015 Levels and Factors Affecting Mortality Rates in Jenin Governorate During The Period 2004-2013 from the Vital Registration of the Palestinian Ministry of Health Nihal Hamza Abed Alrahman Abo Alrub
2015 Study of the Morphometric Characteristics of Wadi Gaza and Water Harvest Its Upper Course Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mohammed Abdullah Adil Burgan
2014 Changes in Land Cover/Land Uses inTulkarm Governorate Between2005 and 2011 by UsingGIS Technology Israa' Subhi Abed Ar-Rahman Abu Saa
2014 Geography of Industry in Tulkarm Governorate Ra'ed Hossni Mohammed Abu Farah
2014 The Impact of Demographic and Socio-economic Factors onon the Palestinian Territories Based onPalestinian Household Survey Data 2010 Infant Mortality Afnan Mohammad Mahmoud Zaid
2014 The Impact of Urban Sprawl in the City of Jenin on Agricultural Lands Mustafa Jamil Mustafa Qabha
2013 Directions of Urban Expansion And its Impacts on Agricultural Lands in Tubas District Ghada Yousef Abdelrazeq Wahdan
2013 Diseases in the cities of Nablus and TulkaremA Comparative Study in Medical Geography Samah yousef Hassan Abdel Razek
2013 Illnesses and Health Services in Qalqilya District "A study in Medical Geography" Ahmed Yusuf Ahmed Shahwan
2013 Impact of Qalqilia Governorate Location Adjacent to the Cease Fire Line on Drugs Phenomenon Prevalence in the Governorate A Study in Social Geography Manar Hussein Kamel Abu thabit
2013 Spatial Distribution of Road Accidents in Nablus 2000 – 2011) Using Geographic Information Systems Noor Ahmad Hassan Qash
2013 Spatial Planning of Health Services in Salfeet District by GIS Technology Hiba "Mohammed Faiq" Taha Aqra’