Future of Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the Exploitation of oil A study in Development Geography

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmad Rafat Ghodieh/suprvisor
Dr. Hussen Remawi/external examiner
Dr. Ra'ed N'erat/internal examiner
Dr. Ahmad Rafat Ghodieh/suprvisor
Ahmed Ibrahim Shaker Zebadi
The Oil dependency of Saudi Arabia in the big amount, and the lack of other resources, further more the future challenge in Saudi Arabia for the reality of the oil finished. This study aims to find the range of benefit of Saudi Arabia from the Oil revenues to achieve of economic development from projects and productivity sectors to make replacement in front of oil sector. The study aims to find the achievement of Saudi Arabia from different fields in non oil sectors, to face the risk of oil finishing, and the rage of Saudi Arabia benefit from the oil revenues to achieve of the sustainable development and to make economic projects as altenatevis of oil sector. This study followed the descriptive analysis method to describe the economic sectors inside of Saudi Arabia and to know the range of sector participation in the GDP to several years, and based on the central bureau of statistics of Saudi Arabia data and other resources. This study find that the Saudi Arabia don’t make any steps to make independency from Oil sector. And by use data analysis of the growth rate in Saudi Arabia the study found that there is significant strong relation between growth rate in GDP in the oil sector and natural gas in the one side and the growth rate in GDP in the other side. Which means the economic situation in Suadi Arabia is high degree of dependency based on oil sectors. The study found the several recommendations: the Saudi Arabia should to decrease the degree of oil dependency. And put the comprehensive plan for economic diversifications and to benefit from this diversifications, and to find the other alternatives sectors. And to make incentive for industrial production in Saudi Arabia and to put investment in this field, to struggle against the political and economic corruption to achieve the independency in the dicision making and reducing the oil sector.
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