The River Terraces in Faria' and Zomer Valleys A comparative study"

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. MohamadabuSafa/supervisor
Dr. Kamal Abdel Fattah/external examiner
Dr. Wa'el Enab/internal examiner
Prof. MohamadabuSafa/supervisor
WoroodMoiz F. Hamadneh
This study tackled the most important geomorphic landscapes, which resulted from the sediments of the river, namely: the river terraces Al-Fara’ valley is one of the terraces which represent the valleys of eastern basin in the West Bank. The other chosen valley is Al-Zomer valley, which represents the valleys of the western basin in the West Bank. Those two valleys were chosen because of their adjacency, the similarity between the characteristics of their middle and low basin and their geomorphic signs of the process of river capture between them. The river terraces in three locations in Al-Fara’ valley and Al-Zomer valley were studied that they were studied in terms of their locations, characteristics in the sectors of the areas of the study. Further, the geological history of the rock setting in the chosen locations was studied carefully, and the climatic circumstances were linked to the geomorphic landscapes in the area. In addition, the river terraces were studied and distinguished in terms of the factors of their formation, distribution and proliferation. They were also studied in terms of their natural characteristics, their usage and the ways of exploiting them.
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