Impact of Israeli Colonies on the Grazing Communities in Tubas Governorate,Case Study (Almaleh and Beduin Areas)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Ra’fat Ghodieh/supervisor
Dr. Fayez Freajat/external examiner
Dr. Wa'el Enab/internal examiner
Dr. Ahmed Ra’fat Ghodieh/supervisor
Fatin Ahmed Awad Qassrawi
Tubas and Northern Jordan Valley Governorate face the risk of Israeli colonial deployment on its territory. Since 1967, Israeli occupation has continued the establishment of settlements so as to control the area. It has in the beginning established Mekhola Colony, the first Agricultural Colony, followed by six other colonies built on scattered area of land as area C in the Governorate according to Oslo interim agreement of military camps, roads, segregation and other colonial actions. The present study describes the geographical spread of Israeli colonies in Tubas and the Jordan Valley Governorate, and other colonial procedures or Israeli violations. And it also describes the Israeli practices against countryside communities in the Governorate , as well as it clarifies the extent of the impact of these colonies on the village of Al-Maleh and Bedouin population in various aspects. The study used the historical approach to investigate the impact of the emergence of Israeli colonization in the West Bank. The study also used the descriptive analytical deductive method to get to know the impact of Israeli measures resident of the village of Al-Maleh and Bedouin communities. The study concluded that the colonies in Tubas was clarified the increasing of colonists, which was accompanied with their expansion on the expense of the people. The accounted land to colonies, outposts and Israeli military camps are accounted for about 5.5% of Tubas and Northern Jordan Valley area. The study also found that the Israeli occupation has carried a numerous violations against the population of the country side communities in Tubas; which aims to force people leave their. The study also found that Israeli measures affected negatively the demographic, educational, health, physical, economic and service fields contention of the people the impact of the Israeli settlements in Tubas on the village of al-Maleh and Bedouin communities. The study recommended that the Palestinian Authority should pay more attention to the grazing areas and provide them with public services and facilities. The study also recommended on activating the role of the Palestinian media by highlighting the suffering of such communities and the Israeli violations to the Arab and foreign word.
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