Impact of Qalqilia Governorate Location Adjacent to the Cease Fire Line on Drugs Phenomenon Prevalence in the Governorate A Study in Social Geography

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmad R. Ghodieh/supervisor
Dr. Fayez Frejat/external examiner
Dr. Feasal Za'noun/internal examiner
Dr. Sa'ed Zeioud/internal examiner
Dr. Ahmad R. Ghodieh/supervisor
Manar Hussein Kamel Abu thabit
Qalqilya district is considered one of Palestinian districts that is bordering the armistice line, also the district represents the crossing point to Israel for many Workers from other governorates provinces in West Bank. Qalqilya district includes various communities that differ in their social, economic and even geographic. Some communities is located between clusters of Israeli settlements, some of which are located within the separation wall, as many residents are working within the armistice line, male and female. Due to geographic proximity to the Qalqiliya governorate to Israeli territory, it has paved the way for the existence of business relationships and even social among the inhabitants of the province and regions within the armistice line which is in fact, it Is considered a hotbed of promotion and trafficking drug, which has an impact on the spread of the drug phenomenon in the Qalqiliya governorate , and even make it occupies the highest in the West Bank in the prevalence of drug use for many years . The purpose of this study is to identify the impact of Qalqiliya governorate adjacent to the armistice line on the prevalence of drug use, and to identify ways to combat drugs , and highlighted the implications of the spread of drug abuse in the province, and to know the effect of the study variables of (sex, age , status seekers, parental status, marital status , place of residence, income, and education level, place and nature of the work) on the point of view of drug abusers and addicts about the prevalence of drug abuse in the province of Qalqilya, and ways to combat it. The results indicated that the dimensions of geographic, social, political and economic have had a very high impact on the prevalence of drug abuse in the province, the impact of the geographical distance in the first place, followed by the social dimension, politician, and economic, also the results noted the existence of health, psychological and economic and social phenomenon effects of drug abuse in the province of Qalqilya. The study recommended the need for concerted efforts of all the forces of official and popular in order to face this dangerous phenomenon, in addition to the need to work on the establishment of centers for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts, who should consider them as patients deserve to live in peace and security, rather than treating them as criminals should shove in prisons.
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