Arts - Geography

Year Title Authors
2010 Changes in the Patterns of Agricultural Production in the Region of Qabatiya After 1967) Subheih Khzemeih
2010 Fertility in Tulkarm Goverment (levels and trends in the Palestinian National Authority) Maisa Dyab Fares Nasir
2010 Impact of Urban-Rural Relations on the Characteristics of Population and Building in Ramallah City and Beitunya Town Mansour Abu Redeh
2010 Irrigated and Dry Farming in Jenin Governorate Plains: Comparative Study Nahed Zkarneh
2010 Spatial Distribution of Crimes in Nablus City and it's Refugee Camps: A Study in Social Geography Arb Tuqan
2010 The Level of Reproductive Health Dessemination Among Female Secondary Students in Salfit Governorate Ghadah Dar Saleh
2010 Topographic Characteristics and Their Impact on Floral Cover in the Nablus Governorate Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing Safa Abdel Jaleel Kamel Hamada
2010 الأوضاع الاقتصادية والاجتماعية لسكان المخيمات الفلسطينية الحلول المقترحة: "مخيم بلاطة نموذجاً اروى حمدي محمود جبالي
2009 " The Negative Effects of Ecology " on Agriculture in Qalqilia District Ibrahim Wadi Yousef Dawood
2009 Distribution and Planning of the Educational Services in Salfeet Governorate Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Heba Mohammad Hamudi Shquair
2009 Economic and Social Conditions of Palestinian Refugee Camps Residents: Proposed Solutions (Balata Camp Model) Arwa Hamdi Mahmmoud Jabali
2009 Factors Affecting the Number of Children Begotten by the Ever married Women of Nur-Shams Refugee Camp) Fatemah Abedl-Hameed Mohammad Salameh
2009 Grazing in Open Pastures (Sheep and Goats) in Jericho Governate Mahmoud Dawabsheh
2009 Land Transportation in Jenin Governorate / Geographical Study Mohamad Yousef Nemer Al-Khateeb
2009 Pastures And Livestock in Some Villages of North Nablus Governate Mohammad mahmoud Al- jaml
2009 Spatial Analysis of Administrative Divisions of the West Bank Lands Since the Ottoman Rule Until the Year 2009 Asma Esmael AbdelRahman Al-Ghnemat
2008 Agriculture on the Alluvial Fans in the Jordan Valley Abd Al Mounam Zaky Alsaady
2008 Effect of Climate on The Rate of Olive Productivity in The West Bank. Fatima Musa "Ahmad Omar" Khatib
2008 Patterns Of Agricultural Land Use In Jericho Governorate (1970-2008) Loai Mahmoud Abd Alrahman Abu Raidi
2008 Study of Land Cover Types In Nablus Area using Satellite Remote Sensing Manar Mohammad Ahmed Sholi
2008 The Ecology of Jenin City Geographical Study Iyad Mari’ Awadd Mari’
2008 The Geography of Industry in the City of Hebron Khalil Mohammad Abdelhadi Alhalahla
2008 The Health Services and Objectives in Selected Territories of Ramllah an El-Bireh Governorate (A Study in the medical Geography) Fathiya Falaih Abdul-Kareem Najjar
2008 The Israeli Water Policy and its Consequence in the West Bank (A study in Political Geography) Yasser Ibrahim Omar Salameh
2008 Urpan Expansion Of Nablus City And Factors Affecting It Ammar Adel Abed alrahman Emran