Directions of Urban Expansion And its Impacts on Agricultural Lands in Tubas District

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Ra'fat Ghodieh/supervisor
Dr.Fayez Freajat/external examiner
Dr. Ali Abdel-Hameed/internal examiner
Dr. Ahmed Ra'fat Ghodieh/supervisor
Ghada Yousef Abdelrazeq Wahdan
Tubas district is one of the strategic areas in the West Bank,but suffered from the absence of comprehensive plans and instead have been prepared in partial projects,dealing with specific location inside district and the acompaining urban growth is not directed. The phenomenon of construction in agriculture lands increased, in spite of a law that prevents citizens from build in agricultural lands. National plan prevent the application of the low in high –value agricultural land , and prevent the expansion of structural drawings on area c. This study discussed the directions of urban expansion in Tubas District after entering the Palestinian National Authorit between (1994-2011) and its impacts on agricultural lands.It followed the structural expansion of the cities all over the different periods and discussed the most important elements that influenced on expansion. The descriptive and historic analytical method depending on aerial photographs and structural designs of Tubas District. For the spatial and temporal advancement of urbanization in the study area, chronological sequence of available aerial photos were used and utilizing GIS. In addition interviews with private personnel , and to a less extent, the quantitative aspects of the current urbanization process to explain the factors influencing the expansion at the expense of agricultural land. The study also , discussed the important elements that affected the urban space regarding the distribution of buildings , and the constructional density. The study found that the Israeli occupation had and still has the role in restricting urban expansion of localities in area c. There are no planning of agricultural land in the partial structural drawings. The study recommended that the municipalities in Tubas district should work on master plans and re-evaluated, and taking into consideration the preservation of agricultural lands, And making residential areas on low-value agricultural land, And introduce a new classification charts.
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