Spatial Planning of Health Services in Salfeet District by GIS Technology

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Rafat Ghodieh/supervisor
Dr.Hussen Remawee/external examiner
Dr. Ayman Hussen/internal examiner
Dr. Ahmed Rafat Ghodieh/supervisor
Hiba "Mohammed Faiq" Taha Aqra’
In this researth we discovered that most Palestinian cities face many challenges and problems in distributing services, specially health services. Most of these services are accumulated in the city center, and the absence of careful plans to distribute them to be applicable to the growing number of the population and the increase of the new buildings and the area to be covered. This research deals with the area planning with relation to health services in Salfeet district by using (GIS)" geographic information system". We tried in this honourable research to analyze the actual present distribution of health services and the process of planning that fulfill the needs of the local society of Salfeet District. We also tried to present suggestions to improve and give a better distribution of health services which may help the decision makers to take a step forward. This study implemented the description and analytical procedures depending on the population numbers in the area in 2007,it also implemented the results taken by the researcher on general health services in hospitals, health centers, and pharmacies in the studied area, in addition to the maps that demonstrate the planned areas. We evaluated and analyzed the health services distribution depending on comparison between the neighboring countries and Palestinian health ministry manner and means used in distributing health services with relation to population number and the area. The results demonstrated that health services specially those related to the primary health services centers and pharmacies in the studied area suffer from bad distribution and not qualified which affects the society health. The study pointed to the lack of health care and suggested solutions to redistribute health centers located in Salfit and bidya in addition of improving four health centers from level three to level four. With relation to pharmacies, we suggested to move six of them adding another two. The study also suggested to add more floors to Shaheed Yaser Arsfat hospital and to increase the number of medical team.
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