Urban Safety and Landslides in Silat Ad-Daher Area(A study in Applied Geomorphology)

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Mohammed Abu Safat/supervisor
Dr. Ayman Muhsen/external examiner
Prof. Jalal Dabeek/internal examiner
Prof. Mohammed Abu Safat/supervisor
Bushra A.S. Salatneh
This study tackles the structural safety and landslides issue in Silat Ad-Daher area. Natural factors in the chosen area are studied by using the Geographical Information System (GIS) in order to determine their influence on the landslide. Furthermore, the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), which depends on weighted values retrieval for the causes of landslides, is used to produce a landslides vulnerability map. After analysis of the available maps, it is concluded that the composition of the Eocene, Rendzina soil, the steep slopes within the category of (15-20°), the southern direction of slopes, the use of pastoral lands, and the average rainfall within the category of (600-700 mm) are among the most motivating factors behind the landslides occurrence in this region. The study recommends taking into consideration the geological, geomorphologic and hydrological factors whenever we plan and execute projects and roads.
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