Law - Public Law

Year Title Authors
20106 Release on bail in the Palestinian Penal Procedure Law A Comparative Study Anwar Zaher Abu Al Hasan
2017 (Exchanging Monitoring and its Implementation Between the Legislative and Executive Authorities in Palestine) Mohammad Ribhi Abdul Fattah Abd
2017 Evidence before administrative judiciary Abeer Mousa Abeed
2017 Political Assassination as a Form of Political Crime Under General International Law Dalia Abed Al-hameed Ahmad Khlouf
2017 Termination of Employment Relation in Public Sector Comparative, Critical, Analytical Study between Palestinian and Jordanian Law Karamah Ali Faraj
2017 The Crime of Terrorism in Accordance with National and International Laws Mohammad Mustafa subhi alqisi
2017 Urgent Judicial Orders in the Civil and Administrative Law/ Comparative Study Tamara Ahmad Abu Turabi
2016 Administrative grievance as a cause for suspending the deadline of administrative lawsuit for cancellation Mohammad Husain Ihsan Irshaid
2016 Anti- Corruption in the Current Palestinian Terriories Criminal Legal System Comparative Study Tomer josef Cohen
2016 Juvenile Guarantecs of Fair trail Sarah Ameen Ali
2016 The application of the Palestinian security forces of the international legitimacy in the human rights provisions Ahmad Ziad Daoud
2016 The Legal Foreign Policy of Palestinian leadership Mursi Abed Alkareem Mahmoud Abed Alraziq
2016 The Mechanisms for Implementing Humanitarian International Law Palestine Case Majd Noman abdo abdallah
2016 The Oversight Power Given to the Legislative Council on the Acts of the Government in Palestine –A Comparative Study Haneen Emad Al-Faris
2016 The Relation Between Administrative Malpractice And Crime Comparative Study)) Tariq Faisal Ghannam
2015 Criminal Appeal Verdicts Yousef Nassri Ahmad Zraqi
2015 Election Crimes Comparable Study Ali Mohamad Sameeh Ali Eqteesh
2015 International protection of women during armed conflicts Mariam Ammar Masarweh
2015 Probation in Palestinian Legislation Bader Ibrahim Ali shawahna
2015 The impact of the abolition of the death penalty on the phenomenon of crime in the West Bank Shahen Omarya
2015 The Problematic of the Humanitarian Intervention and the Sovereignty of the State Rami Nemir Radi Hashash
2015 The Role Of The InternaThinol Red Cross Commission in Safeguarding The Respect Of International Human Law With its Application to The Palestinlan Situation Ahmad Suhail Ali Abu Shanabe
2014 Claim Cancellation in Administrative Proceedings Osama Naseem Rateb Zaidan
2014 Designation in public job/comparative study Jakleen Tahseen Omareiah
2014 Exceptional Authorities for the Executive Power in the Palestinian Legal System Eiad Jalal Wasfy Takrory