Designation in public job/comparative study

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mohamed Sharaqah/ suprvisor
Dr. Basel Mansour/co-supervisor
Dr. Ahmad Dabak/external examiner
Dr. Na'el Taha/internal examiner
Dr. Mohamed Sharaqah/ suprvisor
Dr. Basel Mansour/co-supervisor
Jakleen Tahseen Omareiah
The study has addressed designation in public job, where designation provisions have been studied through looking in the general requirements of designation. Such as, nationality, age, fitness, and literary validity, In addition to private requirements, such as scientific and technical efficiency, perform military service or exempting from, and the loyalty to public job. The study has also addressed the designation methods like free and direct method, election method, and functional competitions method. And the study concluded a determination of functional statues such as, experience, transforming, and the end of service. The study concluded a set of results such as the freedom of restricted management in choosing public officials, stressing the comparative laws in the public and private requirements in designation, considering functional competitions fairer and more equitable in the selection of public officials. And the Palestinian law has not referred to the maximum age of the person who will occupy the public position, and the job has confined to the nationality of Palestinians or Arabs. The Palestinian basic law of 2005 and the Palestinian civil service law of 1998 and its amendments in 2005 have treated the designation provisions. The study has reached a set of recommendations such as giving the administration greater flexibility in the selection of public officials, activating the administrative supervision in the selection of public officials, adopting the functional competitions method in the selection, and not relying on the good behavior when designation and replace it with non condemnation.
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