Law - Public Law

Year Title Authors
2011 The Role of The President in The Palestinian Legislative Political System, Comparative Study Prepared Haneen Mohammed Akram Hejab
2011 The Rule Of The Public Prosecution To Make A Law Suit (Comparative Study) Mahmoud Nathmi Muhammad Sa'abneh
2010 Crimes Reflected on Family Waseem Majad Ismael Draghmeh
2010 Expropriation of Private Property for Public Interest in the Palestinian Legislation Jude Isam Al Ateera
2010 Problems Related to the Changes in the Palestinian Criminal Procedures Law Muhammad Subhi Muhammad Khateeb
2010 The Penal Responsibility of the Personal Entity about the Economic Crimes Rami Yosef Muhamed Naser
2010 The Principle of Leaglity in the Administrative Law and the Guarantees of Application Fadi Na'im Jamel Alawnah
2010 The Procedures Adopted by the International Criminal Court According to Rome Basic Texts of 1998 Sana'a Oded Eed
2010 The Protection of Civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Geneva fourth convention) Ameenah shareef fawzi Hamden
2010 The Reconciliation in Economic Crimes Sa'adi Aref Sawafteh
2009 Disciplinary Authority Between the Administration and the Judiciary: Comparative Study Abeer Taofeek Mohammad AbuKeshek
2009 Guarantees of the Accused Before of the International Criminal Court Alla' Basem Subhi Bane-Fadel
2009 Guarantees of the Accused before the International Criminal Court Alla' Basem Subhi Bane-Fadel
2009 Penalties in the Economic Crimes Murad Zeiad Ameen Tayem
2009 Prisoner Rehabilitation According to The Law of The Rehabilitation and Reform Centers the Palestinian (6) for The Year 1998 Tahani Rashid Mustafa Bawaqneh
2009 Private Estate Dispossession for Public Utility in Palestinian Legislation (Comparative Study) Jood Isam Atteireh
2009 The Effectiveness of the Human International Law in the International and internal Armed Conflict Qysay Mustafa Abdul- Kareem Tayem
2009 The Rule of the Public Prosecution to make a Law Suit - Comparative Study Mahmoud Nathmee Mohamad Sa'bneh
2008 A Critical Study in the General Assembly Resolutions 181, 194 Related to the Palestinian Issue Ahmad Hasan Abu Ja'far
2008 Fraud Crime, Comparative Study Mohammed Hisham Saleh A. Fattah
2008 Guarantees and Rights of The Accused in The Interrogation and Detention "Preventive Detention" in The Palestinian Code of Criminal Procedures A comparative study Ahmed Sadi Al-Ahmad
2008 Nullification In The Palestinian Act Of Procedural Penal Procedures, Compared Study Osama Abdullah Mohammad Zaid Kilany
2008 Residence Search According to the Palestinian Criminal Procedures Law, A Comparative Study Mohammed Ali Mustafa Ghanem
2007 Arrested in Penal Legislation Palestinian, Comparative Study Muhannad Arif Sawan
2007 Confession in the Palestinian Criminal Procedural Law, Comparative Study Lu’ai Dawood Mohammed Dweikat