Administrative grievance as a cause for suspending the deadline of administrative lawsuit for cancellation

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mohammad Sharaqah/supervisor
Dr. Ahmad Dabak/external examiner
Dr. Na'el Taha/internal examiner
Dr. Mohammad Sharaqah/supervisor
Mohammad Husain Ihsan Irshaid
The Administrative Appeal is one of the major topics, which many people are unaware of the law. I have studied law and specialized on public law as a lot of people in Palestine and Jordan are innocence on understanding the law in general, because of that, I have made this study. In order to cover this study on details, the researcher has chosen the descriptive, analytical approach; additionally the researcher has used comparative methods as he could whereas some points on this topic can not be compared spatially due to the lack of texts talking about this study on other countries. Also, the researcher has attempted through his first part of this study to illustrate the essence of the administrative appeal in general and through this talk. The researcher has clarified the meaning of the administrative appeal, also he had identified between the administrative complaint and other similar actions, pointing out the importance of the administrative appeal, ending this chapter by showing the most important types of administrative appeal, both in terms of the party that offers them the grievance or legal obligation in terms of presenting. On the second chapter of this study, the researcher has identified the basic and main conditions of which must be available that we are in front of an administrative grievance proper legal sense, ending this chapter by clarifying the main effects on presenting the administrative appeal whether the effects belonging to the appellant or belong to the same management or administrative decision concerning the appellant of it or even belong to the third parties. At the end of this research, the researcher conclude many of the important findings and recommendation on the practical level and in the field of legislative remedies of administrative decisions, especially in Palestine.
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