Election Crimes Comparable Study

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Fadi Shaded /supervisor
Dr. Ghazi Dweekat/ co-supervisor
Dr. Jehad Keswani/external examiner
Dr. Mohamad Sharaqah/internal examiner
Dr. Fadi Shaded /supervisor
Dr. Ghazi Dweekat/ co-supervisor
Ali Mohamad Sameeh Ali Eqteesh
Political election is considered the entrance of democracy and its vehicle in the modern societies far away from the negative effects which influence the society . The election laws have provided some statements which protect the election because it reflects the society awareness and it tries to reduce the election crimes in all election stages . The study discussed the subject of the election crimes because it is a negative behavior affects all the democratic life of the state . It consists of two chapters; the former chapter talks about the election crimes during the primary stage of the election throughout two sub-sections , the first includes the definition of the election crimes in the comparative laws and its classifications to ordinary or political crimes . The second sub- section motioned the nooks of the full and insufficient election crimes . Also, the crimes in the election schedules, candidate crimes, election propaganda and the responsible for these crimes have been identified . The later chapter talks about the crimes which happen during the election procedures and the mechanisms of following the doers throughout two sections . Crimes of voting , and pronouncing of the results have been clarified in the first sub-section . The crimes of voting and those relating to the voting procedures have been clarified in the second sub- section. Additionally, the second section includes the legal procedures for following the doers , the relationship between the crime judge and the election judge and the criminal punishment for the election crimes in its three sub- sections. The study results show that there is a partial shortage in the Palestinian election laws such as the absence of some election crimes through the election laws which demonstrated the crimes of surveys, massive bribery . Also, the Palestinian election laws don't have the suitable punishments by making the election crimes misdemeanor in addition to not having the punishment individuation principle . Moreover, the study shows that there is no dissimilarity between Electing the Local Boards Laws (10 , 2005) and (9,200) of the Palestinian elections . The Electing the Local Boards Laws don't have statements about exceeding the limits of expenditure in the election propaganda which are included in the general election law. According to the study results, the researcher recommended several suggestions include the necessity of establishing texts for election crimes , public prosecution and special court which forces the investigations . Furthermore, the researcher suggests that it is important to activate the election awareness among people by the activation of the role of the central committee of the election and its branches and the importance of establishing legal statements in order to determine the roles of both legal judge and election one . Further studies dealing with this subject matter should be conducting such as electronic voting in order to go beyond the geographical limits and political problems in addition to enable the citizens to vote from his residence . Finally, the researcher's vision in this study is about profound subjects contributes mainly in exceeding the election crimes and preventing them by using more recent methods for delivering the election vote to its safe legal space in addition to the efforts of the states which concern with the election vote to spread the awareness which refuses the election crimes and develop this awareness in order to goes with the recent crime thinking
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