Probation in Palestinian Legislation

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Nael Taha /supervisor
Dr. Abdel Malek Al Remawi/external examiner
Dr. Ghazi Dewekat/internal examiner
Dr. Nael Taha /supervisor
Bader Ibrahim Ali shawahna
In most punishment systems, imprisonment punishment is considered a basic punishment. Despite the fact that imprisonment punishment is the most kind used recently , the practical situation indicated the increasing number of crimes in the society. Several studies reveals that the execution of this kind of punishment has several negatives , as a result, many people start misdoubting the preventative and reformative function of these kinds of punishments. According to what has been mentioned above, new attitudes has emerged calling for adopting more effective punishment systems in order to achieve the contemporary punishment purposes. These recent attitudes have evoked some criminal legislations to establish the alternative punishments system which have been varied. It is known that the punishment which decreed by the court must be executed during a certain period of time , but in some cases and under several conditions established by the legislation, the sentence may be suspended for a certain period of time (conditional suspension) stipulates that the defendant must behave well. When the given period of time passed without any violation from the defendant, conditional suspension becomes finally which is called sentence, suspended.
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