Termination of Employment Relation in Public Sector Comparative, Critical, Analytical Study between Palestinian and Jordanian Law

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mohamed Sharakah/suprvisor
Dr. Baha' Al-Ahmad/co-suprvisor
Dr. Abdel Malek Al-Remawi/external examiner
Dr. Anwar Janem/internal examinr
Dr. Mohamed Sharakah/suprvisor
Dr. Baha' Al-Ahmad/co-suprvisor
Karamah Ali Faraj
The study discussed termination of employment relation in public sector "comparative، critical, analytical study between Palestinian and Jordanian law and the reasons for this termination. The study consists of introduction, two chapters and conclusion. Introduction contains the significant of the study, methodology, place limitation and statement of the problem. Chapter one defines the concepts of modern and public employee in addition to clarify their concepts. the public employee's right, duties , conditions of employment , the relation between the employee and the administration and the authority which he has between the law and the administration orders are also included in chapter one. Chapter two on the other hand included the legal and administrative reasons for terminating the employment relation and its legal and material effects. Finally, conclusion has several results and recommendations that the researcher has suggested.
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