Law - Public Law

Year Title Authors
2014 Implement administrative provisions/Comparative study Khalil Omar Khalil Haj Yousif
2014 Narcotics crimes and manners of fighting it in accordance with the Palestinian Jurisprudence "comparative study" Yahya Eyadeh Odeh AL kordi
2014 Protection of Journalists Under the International Humaitarian Law in Palestine Mosa " Mohamad Jameel"Ali Yadak
2014 Regulations of Public Facilities A Comparative Study Aktham wajih abdelrahman sulaiman
2014 The Agressions Against Woman in the Family Marram Omar Hassan Najar
2014 The implementation of the administrative provisions Comparative study Khalil Omar Khalil Haj Yousef
2014 The Legal Character and Identity of Decisions Issued By An-Najah National University Islam Ziad Mithqal Shadid
2014 Title of Research Project Restitution in Palestinian Criminal Procedures Law A comparative Study Saeed Jawdat Saeed khalife
2013 Procedures of The Trial of the Accused Fugitive Baha' Farouq Zaki Al-Ahmed
2013 Stop the Implementation of Administrative Decisions Anwar Essam Mohamad Sha'ban
2013 Stop the Implementation of Administrative Decisions Anwar Essam Shaban
2013 The Concept of Political crime Ola shareef
2013 The Constitutional Developments Of Democratic Notions and its Defense Elements in the Turkish Po-litical Regime 2002-2011 Abdallateef Khader Abdallateef Sedda
2013 The Crime of Refusing Shaker Mustafa Saed Bsharat
2013 The justifications in the statute of the International Criminal Court Asmaa Majed Ibrahem Dwikat
2013 The Protection of cultural properties in Jerusalem in the light of International Law Su'ad Helmi Adel-Fattah Ghazal
2012 Administrative Investigation In Palestinian Civil Service A comparative study Alaa mohammad asmer
2012 Appealing in the Constitutionality of the Laws "Comparative Study" Zeed Ahmed Tawfeeq Zeed Al –Kailany
2012 Legal Mechanisms for the Application of the International Humanitarian Law at the National Level Mohamed Omar Abdo
2012 The Position of Palestinian Political system in Comparison to the World Parliamentary systems Mohamad Issam Essa
2012 The Special Protection for Some Categories of International Humanitarian Law(Children-Women-Journalists) Omar Fayez Al-Bzoor
2011 Crimes Reflected On Family Waseem Majid Ismael Daraghmah
2011 Disciplinary Authority Between the administration and judiciary (Comparative study) Abeer T. Abu Kishk
2011 The Penalties in Economical Crimes Murad Zeiad Ameen Tayem
2011 The Principle of Legality In the Administrative Law and the Guarantees of Application Fade Naim Jameel Alawna