Political Assassination as a Form of Political Crime Under General International Law

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Basel Mansour/supervisor
Dr. MOhammad Fahhad Shalaldeh/external examiner
Dr. Mohammad Sharaqa/internal examiner
Dr. Basel Mansour/supervisor
Dalia Abed Al-hameed Ahmad Khlouf
The political crimes considered of the most serious crimes that lead to the aggression on the internal and external state security, communities has been identified political crime since the start of antiquity until our time, ranging from the ages in which the tribe is the main representative of the Court and based on political interests, to the state in the ancient form as the state of Paranoiac in Egypt, where it considered the political crime of the most serious crimes that threaten this country. Since the human populations began to appear in history for the first time, it began to battle and fight landmarks evident between the groups. In that period, the individual is the controls himself, there was no constitutions protect the rights of individuals and safeguard the legitimacy and define the duties, strong was smashes weak and seize his possessions of the land and bounties without any hint of conscience or respect for human life. When the first state landmarks were developed, they needed a commander takes over the leadership of communities in situations of peace and war, the absolute loyalty was the inevitable result of wars waged and win out by the leader, yes there has become an absolute loyalty to the victorious commander, hence emerged political crime, so any prejudice by individuals of the loyalty this conduct becomes a very dangerous political crime. This situation has continued over the centuries up to the first centuries of the modern era, where those ages have seen a remarkable coup considering the nature of the political crime, where issued the laws and legislation governing political crime in its details, but that fact did not last long, as the French Revolution began there has been new ideas as a result of many political and social coups, so the world witnessed several images and forms of the political crime, the most important of these images and forms the crime of "political assassination", or the so-called murder. Because the states and institutions of international community and international organizations have been and still in a continuous quest for stability, and to promote peace and security at the international and national levels, and as a voice of the people calling for the rejection of conflicts, and because of political crime and political assassinations are an important subject took the intellectual minds through the ages, the researcher was interested of this study which focuses primarily on the major axis of which is the phenomenon of political assassination as a form of political crime, Accordingly, the letter has been divided into two main chapters, In each chapter two consecutive sections, the first section contains two requirements, the first chapter was titled what political crime is, the researcher explained in two consecutive topics, the definition of political crime, and the difference between them and ordinary crime, respectively, then moved on to the second topic that carried motives of political crime, types and differences between them, and the crime of terrorism title. as the first section, the second section is divided into three topics to talk about the motives and types of the political crime at the first and second topics, the difference between them and the crime of terrorism at the third topic. Because the crime of political assassination is a historical phenomenon connected to the human communities, and as old as politics, it was incumbent for the researcher to focus on it at the second chapter that carried the phenomenon of political assassinations title, where this chapter is divided into two main sections, the first section was titled political assassination as a form of political crime and the position of the international law of this crime, the researcher identified at the first topic of the first chapter the concept of the political assassination crime, and the second topic was to clarify the position of the international law of this crime. At the second section of the second chapter the researcher talked about mechanisms of legal accountability for the perpetrators of political assassinations and live models for these crimes. In summary, the findings of the researcher in the study, which relied on the descriptive and analytical approach to the policy of assassinations is only a pattern of precautionary measures countering the wanted people, they are resorting to this policy to wipe them out as a precautionary measure, and a means to achieve deterrence and terrorism. In the absence of a punishing system for the criminal and his partners, and a large disparity in the balance of military forces on the international level, and a direct confrontation between the entity burdened with military and economic support.. etc, and the people deprived of the most basic priorities, human rights values system turn into just text in the world of the jungle.
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