The Image of Jews in The First Mamluki Era (648 H –784 H)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Raed Abdul Raheem/suprvisor
Prof. Mashour Habbazzi/external examiner
Prof. Adel Oustah/internal examiner
Dr. Raed Abdul Raheem/suprvisor
Maisa' Tahseen Mustafa Qutt
This thesis entiteled "the image of Jews in the first Mamluki era. (648 Hijrah – 784 Hijrah)", is considered as the first comprehensive and academic study. This study unveiled the life of jews and their characteristics from the first Mamluki era poets' point of view. There was a lot of studies talked about Jews, but there wasn't any study that talked about their image in the said poetry. Therefore, this study aimed to clarify the image of jews religious life introduced by poetry, and to show the social aspects of jews life and their relationship with muslims. It unveiled the jews characteristics and morals on the basis of poems. It also revealed the artistic characteristics of the poems talked about jews. This study based on the integral approach relying on the date in the first chapter, whereas describing and analyzing in the rest of the study. It gave an overview talking about the presence of jews in the poems of pre- Mamluki ere. In the first chapter, the study elaborated talking about aspects of jews political, religious, social, economic and academic life. In the second chapter, it pointed to the aspects of jews political, religious, social, economic and academic life in the said poems by concentrating on their believes, their Synagogue, their relationship with prophets and social relationships. In the third chapter, it showed their morals, negative characteristics. In the last chapter, the poems were studied artistically shedding light on the language, style and rhetoric. To summarize, in the pre – Mumluki era, Jews were known by some positive charecteristics, whereas there wasn't any positive one in the Mumluki era, bearing in mind that jews lived a peaceful life in the Mamluki era and were hired in different jobs. The prophetical praise poems were the most poems which revealed jews morals and characteristics. poets had extracted their images from plant and animal nature, history and Quran stories depending on methods of simile, metaphor and metonymy to get their readers to the ideas they want. Different kinds of images; such as optical, audio, olfactory and images related to taste in addition to sound and motion had appeared in their poems.
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