Arts - Translation and Applied Linguistics

Year Title Authors
2017 The Interplay among Variables in Consecutive Interpreting and their Effects uponHuman Interactions Tahseen Mohammed Hasan Khamis Dawud
2016 An Investigation of the Translated Cultural and Ideological Components in Disney's Animated films, in both Audiovisual Translation Forms: Subtitling and Dubbing Hadeel Awni Abu Yaqoub
2016 Analysis of the Translation Strategies of Barghouti’s Autobiography I Saw Ramallah Khulood Mutlaq Shmasneh
2016 Code Switching as a Linguistic Phenomenon among Palestinian English Arabic Bilinguals with Reference to Translation Iyad Ahmad Hamdan Mkahal
2016 Constraints on Translating Taboo Language in English Movies into Arabic Yahia Aqel Abdullah Aqel
2016 Cultural Consistency in the Literary Translation of the Novel Awlaadu Haaratena Salam Hussam Muhammad Daraghmeh
2016 Inaccuracy in the Translation of DentistryTerms from English into Arabic Mohammad Fawaz Mahmoud Khmous
2016 Loss and Gain in Translating Prophet Mohammed’s Farewell Oration: A Comparison of Three Variant Translations Shifa Ali Ahmed
2016 Machine Translation/ Limits of Accuracy and Fidelity Shaymaa Yousef Ibraheem Abdulhaq
2016 Problems of Translating English Cell Phone Jargon into Arabic Saja Hazzaa Khader Abdellatif
2016 Religious, Historical And The Stories of The Prophets' Allusions in Lotfi Zaghlol' Poetry: As a Rhetorical Device Husam Isa Hamed Ramadan
2016 Repetition as a Rhetorical Device in the Political Speeches of Three Egyptian Presidents: Mubarak, Morsi and Al-Sisi A Comparative Translation Study Sojoud Jaber Khdair
2016 Strategies Used in Translating into English Semiotic Signs in Hajj and Umrah Guides Ahmad Saleh Shayeb
2016 The Translatability of English Social Media Neologisms into Arabic Rahma Abd Al-Rahman Naji Kmail
2016 The Translatability of PalestinianPrisoners’ Terms into English: A Pragmatic Perspective Iman Ibrahim Yousef Rayyan
2016 Translation and the Intertextual Space: The Translation of Religious, Historical and Mythical Allusions in the Poetry of Mahmoud Darwish Aya M. J. Halabi
2015 A Pragmatic Spotlight on Audio-visual Advertising: Translation from English to Arabic Duha Adel Ahmad Istetih
2015 Analysis of Political Language and Translation: A Case Study of Obama's Two Political Speeches (in Cairo 2009 and in Jerusalem 2013) Omar Sudqi Mahmoud Abdel-Hadi
2015 Standard Arabic Subtitling vs. Mutli- Dialectal Arabic Mimicking in the Translation of Songs from Les Miserables Ahlam Farah Abu-Eishah
2015 The Translation of Requests in the Holy Quran:A Contrastive Study between Arabic and English Muna Muhammad Ismail Dar Issa
2015 The Untranslatability of the Cognate Accusative in the Holy Qur'an and Methods of Compensation Wala'a Najib Sabri Ya'aqbah
2015 Translating Canned & Packed FoodProducts’ Labels from Arabic into English: Problems and Strategies Hadeel Sleeman Abdulrahman
2015 Translating Promotional Tourist Websites: Balancing the Informative and the Appellative Functions Alaa Fayez Yousef Yamin
2015 Translation with Shift in Genre:The Case of Translating NizaQabbani’s Poetry into Rap Sor Yasmeen Radi Mohamad Mohamad
2014 Differences in Word Choice between Male and Female Translators: in Historical, Hostile and Romantic Texts Jihan Mahmoud Sherbini