Machine Translation/ Limits of Accuracy and Fidelity

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Nabil Alawi \ Supervisor
Dr. Omar Najjar \ External Examiner
Dr. Roqayia Herzallah \ Internal Examiner
Dr. Nabil Alawi \ Supervisor
Shaymaa Yousef Ibraheem Abdulhaq
While we grow to be more dependent on machines in all our walks of life, using machines in translation has become a remarkable challenge. In this study, the researcher has analyzed some texts and their translations which are produced by Google Translate. The researcher has categorized the translations according to a group of markers and indicators: the implied vs literal meaning, capturing the different senses, everyday language and culture, fixed and context free expressions, grammatical structure and unit of translation. The researcher has reached a number of recommendations on how to enhance the use of machine translation. The translation movement is moving towards utilizing the use of machine programs in translation effectively; there is no turning back even though the human intervention in translation is still fundamental.
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