Arts - Translation and Applied Linguistics

Year Title Authors
2014 Loss and Gain in the Translation of Songs from English into Arabic: The Case of Dubbed Animations Maysa’ Musleh Tahseen Musleh
2014 Translating with “Differance”:The Old Testament as a Case Study Mufeed A. H. Sheikha
2013 Audience Types in Translating Humor in TV Shows from English into Arabic Siham Hassan Masoud Abu Ya'qoub
2013 Cultural and Audience Considerations in the Translation of Children and Family Shows into Arabic Masa Muhammed Helmi Rishah
2013 Intertextuality and Literary Translation from Arabic to English Azza Ezzelldin Hussein
2013 Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis of Three English Translations of Surat “Yusuf” Tasneem Naser Addeen Ashaer
2013 Terminological Inconsistency in Medical Translation from English into Arabic Heba Shaji Sa’adeh Yaseen
2013 The Effect of Applying Task-Based Approach on Learning English in Elementary Schools from the Teachers' Perspectives in Tubas Governorate Noor Abdullah Fattash
2013 The Problem of Equivalence: The Translation into Arabic of Specialized Technological Texts Amani Bilal Mahmoud Ashqar
2013 The Translatability of Postmodern Culture Allusions in Comedy TV Shows Samah Dawud AbdAllah Jazmawi
2013 The Translation of Puns A Semantic or Pragmatic Equivalent Anas Kamal Abdurrahman Khanfar
2012 Harmonization and Intertextuality in Translating Shakespeare’s Sonnets into Metrical Arabic Poetry Niveen Aziz Muhammed Tinah
2011 Translating Brochures Advertising Personal Care Products from English into Arabic: Strategies and Linguistic Inaccuracy Nahedah Hashim Abu Shehab
2011 Translating Restaurants' Menus From English Into Arabic: Problems And Strategies Kefaya Adeeb Hafeth Saleh
2010 Strategies and Motirations in Translated Children Literature: Defoe's Robinson Crusoe as a Case Study Zainab Hussein Khowayreh
2010 Translating Restaurants Menus from English to Arabic: Strategies and Problems Kefayah Saleh
2009 The Speech Act of Thanking as a Compliment Response as used by the Arab Speakers of English –a Comparative Intercultural Study Sana' Mohammed Ibrahim Al Khateeb
2009 Translating Postmodern Literary Terminology into Arabic Nezar Assa'd
2008 Legal Translation as an Act of Communication: The Translation of Contracts between English and Arabic Maram Tawfiq Awad Fakhouri
2007 Managing and Emotiveness in the Production and Translation of Ideology: A Case Study of the Israeli Incursion into Gaza (2006) Ahmad Abdul Kareem Mustafa Ali
2007 Translation of Neologisms of the Two Palestinian Intifadas: the First (1987-1993) and the Second (2000-2005) Tareq Mahmoud Yasin Alawneh
2006 Abu- Dib 's Translation of Orientalism: A Critical Study Nadia Ali Khalil Hamad
2006 The Translatability of Cognitive Synonyms in Shakespeare's Macbeth: A Comparative, Contrastive Study Mahmoud Khaleel Mahmoud Ishrateh
2004 Markedness Theory as it Relates to Word Order in Translation between English and Arabic Ibrahim Mohammed Salem Battat
2004 Staging and Monitoring in Arabic and Non-Arabic Media Discourse Dana Omar Abed Al-Kareem Adas