Repetition as a Rhetorical Device in the Political Speeches of Three Egyptian Presidents: Mubarak, Morsi and Al-Sisi A Comparative Translation Study

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ayman Nazzal /suprevisor
Dr. Aysar Yaseen / External Examiner
Dr. Fayez Aqel / Internal Examiner
Dr. Ayman Nazzal /suprevisor
Sojoud Jaber Khdair
This thesis examines the ideological functions of the lexical repetition in the political speeches of three Egyptian presidents: Mubarak, Morsi and Al-Sisi. Besides, it investigates the translation strategies which are adopted by Arab and western media outcasts/station: BBC, CNN, Aljazeera EN, AL-Ikhwan and The Guardian, in terms of their repetition rendering into English. Repetition in Arabic is always related to its rhetorical function. However, fewer studies have focused on the relation between repetition, translation and ideology. This research reveals two matters: Firstly, how these politicians purposefully used repetition to persuade their audience of their political agendas to stay in power. Secondly, how do different-used translation strategies of the rendered repetition by media outcasts resources, disguise media outcasts' political positions from the three Egyptian presidents and People.
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