Religious, Historical And The Stories of The Prophets' Allusions in Lotfi Zaghlol' Poetry: As a Rhetorical Device

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Dr. Ayman Nazzal / Supervisor
Dr. Fayez Aqel / Co. Supervisor
Dr. Mahmoud Shreteh / External Examiner
Dr. Suzan Arafat / Internal Examiner
Dr. Ayman Nazzal / Supervisor
Dr. Fayez Aqel / Co. Supervisor
Husam Isa Hamed Ramadan
This study investigates the translation of religious and historical allusions in Lotfi Zaghlol's poems. The research examines Zaghlol's books; it finds out that seventeen books include religious and historical allusions borrowed from the Qur'an. Then it sheds the light on elucidating the use of allusion, and the purpose of each allusion in each poem, according to books that are written about Zaghlol's style of writing, and an interview conducted by the researcher with the poet. This study adopts two approaches of translating allusions from the Holy Qur'an. The first approach to translate them depends on the accredited translation of the Holy Qur'an by Sahih International. The second approach adopts two strategies of translation: adaptation and replacement, through which the source text allusion is replaced by a target text one. As a result, the findings reveal that: 1. Religious and historical allusions are used greatly by the poet Lotfi Zaghlol on account that they give a distinguished style of writing poetry. 2. The translators of allusions should not only adopt one theory of translation. By contrast, they should have good knowledge of suggested ways and strategies for translating them. 3. More than one approach of translating allusions could be employed to obtain the two following tasks: Keeping allusions clear to the readers of the translated source text as if they are familiar with them. Also letting borrowings be apparent for the TT readers who have an inkling of knowledge about the allusions that exist in the source language.
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