Arts - History

Year Title Authors
2009 The Prophet's (Peace Be Upon Him) Attitude Towards al- Hijaz Jews ,A Historical and Methodical Study Khaleda Abdullateef Hasan Yaseen
2009 The Tribute at the Time of Prophet Mohammad A Historical Study Othman Sabri Shqeer
2009 Tulkarem and its Vicinity 1281 - 1337 A.H / 1864 – 1918 A.D Mohammad Bader Abdel Raheem
2009 Yaqut, Al-Hamawi, Shihab Addin Abu Abdallah Al-Roumi (d.AD1229- Hijrah 626) and his Book in the: Countries Dictionary (Economic Conditions: A Historical Study) Rukaya abu leil
2008 Al-Maqdisi Al-Bushari Abu Abdullah Shams e-Deen Mohammed Ibn Abi Bakr (380H.-990AD) 's Ahssan at-Takasim fi Ma'rifat Al-Aqaleem A study of Economic, Social, ReligiousAdministrative and Urban Sides Amal Hisham Ahmed Nassar
2008 Al-Maqdisi Al-Bushari Abu Abdullah Shams e-Deen Mohammed Ibn Abi Bakr (380H.-990AD)'s Ahssan at-Takasim fi Ma'rifat Al-Aqaleem, A study of Economic, Social, Religious Administrative and Urban Sides Amal Hisham Ahmed Nassar
2008 Consultation in the Islamic Political System up to the End of the First Abbasid Age (1 – 232 AH / 622 – 846 AD) Tawfeeq Mohammad Said Darweesh
2008 Islamic Waqf of Acre District (1922-1948) Haitham F. Suleiman
2008 Muftah Al-Maqased Wa Misbah Al-Marased Fee Ziyarati Bait Al-Maqdis By: Abdul-Raheem Bin Ali Bin Ishaq Bin Sheeth Al-Qurashi (died 1228 A.D – 625 H) Hatem Abdullatif Daoud 'Daoud Alhamad'
2008 Taxes in the Arab Peninsula : A genealocal Study of Taxes from An Islamic Perspective Imad Shhadi Arif Hanayshi
2008 The Feoff in the Stem of Islam Belal Ahmad Mahmoud Draghmeh
2008 The Zionist Settlement in the Jordan valley 1967 – 2005 Tariq Yousif M.qasem
2007 AL-Ltroun Sector (1948 – 2007) Hossun Ishtawih Hassan Moubark
2007 Marwan Ben Mohammed (132H/ 749 A.D), A Historical Study of the Dimensions of Struggle Over Power Hassan M. Hassan Darawsheh
2007 Salfit Municipality and Its Administrative, Architectural, Economic, and Social Role,1945-2005 Riyad Hasen Ahmad Hassan
2007 The Institution of Bait Al-mal in the rise of Islam (H1-132, A.D 622-749) Munir Hasan A-Alqader Udwan
2007 The Land Ownership In Tulkarm District During The British Government (1918-1948) Abdul-jabbar Raja Mahmoud Al-odeh
2007 The Social, Economic, Religions and Political Conditions Of the Paradise-Promised Ten Ameena Omar Noor
2006 Methodology of Nasser Ben Muzahim (212H-827AD) in His Book Waq’at Sifeen Mahmoud Othman Fari' Sawalha
2006 The Role of Narrators in the Rise of History at the Early of Islam Wajdi Mahmoud Mohmmad
2006 Urban Development in Nablus During The British Occupation 1922-1948 Nora Nasooh Ahmad Smody
2005 Succession During The Umayyad Period(41-132A.H / 661-750 A.C) Wajeeh Lutfi Taleb Thouqan
2005 A Study of the Mythology of Historians Till the Fourth Century A.H. Hiba Khaled Ahmad Sleem
2005 Ab-U`baidah Ibn El-Muthana "D.209 A.H" and his Role in the Historian Writing Eihab Fawzi Tawfiq Fawzi Al-Haji
2005 The Palestinian Feminine Movement in the West Bank 1948-1993 Mofid Taher Mohed Jalghoum