Arts - History

Year Title Authors
2011 Endowments District of Nazareth During the British Mandate (1922-1948) Documentary study Hanadi Rashad Mustafa Al-Ashqar
2011 History of Mujir AL-Din AL-Hanbali and mentioning who owned Egypt, Acre, Syria, Aleppo, coasts, and their followers Named AL-Tarikh AL-Muctabar fi Anba'i man Gabar, By: Mujir al-Din bin Abd al-Rahman Shams al-Din Abd Allah Al- Ulaymi al-Hanbali. (died 1520 A.D / 927 H) Munther Sulayman Mohammad Abo ’Asbeh
2011 Image of Ali bin Abi Talib, in the book ( Ansab al-Ashraf ) of Ahmad bin Yahya Albalathry (d. 279 AH / 892 AD) Historical Study Methodology Zuhour Abd Elghani Abdalhmeed Turk
2011 Kharaj during Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Reign (13-23 hijri / 634-643 AD)Analytic Study in the Origins and Evolution of this Concept Mohammed Ismael Mohamed Ismael
2011 The Administrative, Economic and social life in Jenien district between 1799-1831AD /1214-1247 Hala Idrees Mostafa Ibraheem
2011 Yaqut, Al-Hamawi, Shihab Addin Abdullah Al- Roumi (D. AD 1229/ Hijrah 626) in the Lands Index Economic Conditions: A Historical Study Ruqaya Abdallah Ahmad Abu Leil
2010 Abdul-Aziz Bin Marwan (27 AH \ 649 AD - 85 AH \ 707 AD) - Historical, Analytical Study Dalal Mohammad Anes Mesleh
2010 Arabs in Northern and Central Arabian Peninsula before the Prophets' Mission in the Writings of Muslim Historians Until the End of the 4thH Century: A Study in the Religious Life and Beliefs Hana' Ahmad Abd Al-Raheem Msameh
2010 ARRABA, A Study of Political, Commercial, and Social Positions (1804 -1918) Ahmed Mohammed Mis'ad Hussein
2010 Awqaf (Endowment) of Haifa District During the British Mandate (1922-1948) A Documentary Study Radi Ahmed Theeb Fashafsheh
2010 Captivity in the Era of islam Shadi Ibrahiem Mdallal
2010 Economical Life in Jerusalem and its Surrounding Areas During the Crusades 492-583 hijri / 1099- 1187 Muhammad Sami Ahmed Emtair
2010 Historians Narratives of Apostasy During the First Until the Fourth Century: Historical and Methodological Study) Wejdan Jamel Ali Daoud
2010 The Portrait of Ali Bin Abi-Talib in the Book "Ansab AL-Ashraf" for Ahmed Bin Yehya Al-Balathuri "Died in 279H/892AD": A Historical and Methodological Study Zuhour Abdel-Ghanee Abdel-Hameed Tourk
2010 The Portrait of Muawiyah Bin Abi Sufiyan "60H/679 AD" in the Book "The History of Damascus City", for Ali Bin Al-Hassan Ibn Asaker "571H/1176AD") Deyah Samee Mustafa Gawaleel
2010 The Zionist Settlement in the Syrian Golan Heights (1967-2000), Historical-Analytical Study Asmaa Rateb Marouf Shahwan
2009 "India" In the Perception of Muslim Historians A study in the political, economical, and cultural conditions until the end of the fifth century ( H ) Ziyad Jaber Ibrahim Mosallam
2009 Arab Historians and the Al-Riddah (Reversion from Faith) Movement thru the Fourth-Century (Hijrah), A Historical Study Mawaheb Tahseen Mustafa Alqut
2009 Economic and Social Life In Jenin District for the Period (1214-1247H / 1799-1831 A.D.) Hala Edrees Mustafa Epraheen
2009 Entertainment in Caliphs' Courts of the First Abbassid Period (132-232 Hijreh / 750-847 AD) Falastin Hassan Mahmoud Ab-Zahoo
2009 Historical Narrations of Mohammed Ibn Muslim Ibn Shhab Al-Zuhry (D741/H124) / Collection, Study, and Analysis Hamed Masoud Hamed Mohammed
2009 Image of Omar Ibn Abdelaziz(101H/720AD) in the Works of Muslim Historians.Through Sixth Century(H)/ Twelfth Century (AD) Fatima Mohammad Ahmad Abboushi
2009 Land Ownership in Jeneen District During the British Government 1918-1948 Mu`een Mohammad Isma`el Abdullah
2009 Narrations of Gazwat Badr (2H/624A.D) According to the Historical Narrators Till the Century 3 H Majed Waleed Mustafa Ayyash
2009 The Economic and Social life in Jenin city From (1281 Hijre-1864 AD/1337 Hijre-1918 AD) Dawlat Ahmad Mustafa Shaban