The Tribute at the Time of Prophet Mohammad A Historical Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Jamal Juda
Othman Sabri Shqeer
This study investigates the tribute at the time of prophet Mohammad. I also considered taxes in the Peninsula before Islam, Persian, Roman, Sasani and Byzantine state, Ghassani and Manatherah whether direct or indirect interests all which supported the financial and taxies sector in these states. Concerning Arabs of the north, researches has proved the existence of "tariffs" "the tenth" and poll-tax "Al-Jezyah", in addition to animal and agricultural another taxes. Concerning Arabs of the South, and the heritage of the pre-Islamic period shows that Arab kings of Yemen, "Kindah" and Hadramout imposed taxes in the 6th century A-D on Arab tribes controlled by them. Such taxes included trade, profits and the "transit" tax. In the Islamic period, at the time of prophet Mohammad, the research tackled the peace covenants made by the prophet with Christians and Jews in the Northern regions of the Arab Peninsula in the cities of Aylah, Tayma, Dawmat Al-Jandal, Maqana, Athruh ad Al-Jarba throyeh studying and anodizing the historians stories and showing the reality and conditions of imposing "Al-Jezyah". The research also tackled the peace covenant made by the prophet in the southern regions of the Arab peninsula which included Najran, Yeman, Oman and Bahrain through studying and analyzing historians stories and showing the reality and conditions of imposing "Al- Jezyah".
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