Urban Development in Nablus During The British Occupation 1922-1948

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Nizam Iizat Abasy
Nora Nasooh Ahmad Smody
The Architectural Movement in Nablus city during The British Mandate (1922 – 1948). Nablus municipality was established in 1868. The municipality held some works and achievements in the city such as, organizing the city, supervising the city cleanness and the medical affairs, and monitoring markets, and providing the city with water and electricity. The municipality had a big and important role in the architectural movement inside the city, it was supervising the general plans, and it was giving building license, and organizing streets, and making sure of the general structure safety and other issues. The Nabulsi building was distinguished by its design, and the construction material and the construction of the house bases, and walls, doors and windows, and ceiling. They were architectural aspects in the city Several religious places, hospitals, schools, Dar al- Barq for Mailing, a railway, and the Quarter Minaret, and al-Sharea' Qayeq. In the period of the British military rule 1918 – 1920 no decisions or laws or regulations were issued to organize the architectural movement in Nablus, but by the issuance of the resolution of dividing Palestine and announcing the British mandate on it, the mandate government issued many laws and regulations to organize the architectural movement, and to issue licenses regulations, the law of organizing the Palestinian cities was announced, and Nablus city was one of the first cities announced as organization region, and local committees were formed to supervise the organization process inside the city. 1927 earthquake affected Nablus city and damaged more than two thirds of the city, because of the construction weakness and oldness. The municipality performed many works to treat the earthquake destruction effects through providing temporary houses for the people affected by the destruction, and to work for building new houses for them in Al Amond Qur. Outside the old city borders and this was the first Nablusi building in the mountains surrounding the old city. Many organizational projects were put for Nablus city because of the increasing growth of in habitants and the reduction of internal immigration to the city, such as the project of organizing Jurzim Mountain and Eastern Ebal Mountain. But these designs do not suit the cit y building because these designs were put for industrial society and not for an agricultural society and none of the Arabic engineers participated in putting them, but only the English engineer (Kindle). And regarding the dissents of the city organization issues, the municipality executed many procedures ' against them starting with warnings, then paying money. And because of the effect of the effect to the Second World War on the country, the mandate government on Palestine issued several laws and regulations related to the architectural movement in the city, such as reducing the importing of the necessary materials of construction such as concrete and iron. Many schools were found in Nablus during the British mandate such as the An–Najah National school, and Al–Hashmiya, and Al–Fatmiya schools, and many reforms and extends were inserted on the National Hospital in the city.
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